Thanks to the technology growing at a faster pace with time! Currently, we are living in a world of robots, machines, and software integrated devices. Today we can see many things in our home do support remote access. You can take any equipment, starting from any electronic device to home and kitchen appliances.

Soon the time will come when you only need to keep a bunch of remote controls with you and sit in one place to control and manage everything in your home. Even many of them support universal remote so that they can be controlled using a single remote as well.

The best ones among such innovations are having remote controlled lights and fans in the home. Talking about the latest in lighting, today we can have many options in the market to buy track lights for our home, shops or any other places. One important thing that many people wants to have in such lightings is they should be suitably movable. A motorized track light can be used for lightening of different areas.

What is Tessa?

Tessa has been introduced; it is based on a motorized system of track light. It is best if the light needs to be fixed in a top position that can’t be reached with ease. Having a motorized lightening system can help us to control it quickly and effectivity.

Tessa: A Convenient and Safer Track Lighting Solution 3Initially, Tessa has been planned to be sold via retail channels on the commercial basis. However, the makers have decided to the support of Kickstarter for the homeowners to buy it directly. The project is soon expecting to get the required funds to start the commercial production of Tessa.

How Does It Work?

You can install the assembly like any other standard light track fixture. Once installed you can either move or reposition it using hands or use a remote control based on laser technology to send signals to the central unit. The motorized track light is durable and can be illuminated up to 50.000 hours.

With Tessa, now you can change the position of its lighting system anytime. Not only that, but you can also adjust the ambiance and focus of the light as per your need using a simple remote controller.

As per its developers, the initial proposition behind working on the Tessa is to help people to control their lighting quickly. Now they no more do need to use a ladder to adjust the position of the light. Hence it is safe yet convenient!

It will be planned to be delivered in June 2018 only in the United States for a start. The pledges of the same are starting from £171 or $233. The makers are getting good responses of Tessa. If everything goes well, then the product will be soon launched for the worldwide customers.

Hence, the world customers need to wait for it till the Kickstarter campaign is finished. For more details regarding Tessa, you can check the official page of Kickstarter Here.

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