The theme of love in video games is quite rare for some apparent reasons. From time to time, the most romantic of developers pay some attention to it in their creations. And some, even more, determined and flighty, give love and relationships a Central place in the story and gameplay. Let’s consider the best games about love. Learn more at freeappsforme.

The Sims

Popular series of life simulators. You can create your own man (or several at once) who will be friends and love with other representatives of the virtual city. If you try very hard, he can even marry and form a cell of society.

Life Is Strange

Western video game developers love to pay attention to same-sex relationships in the story. One of the most striking examples of games of this theme is Life Is Strange. This is a two-game series. But in the first part, the developers did not pay much attention to the relationship between girls. In the second – the romantic line becomes one of the leading throughout the story development.

The main characters are two rebellious girls who not only talk sweetly on intimate topics and touchingly hold hands, but also kiss in front of the astonished players. We must pay tribute to the fact that the developers recreated these moments quite stylishly. Not for nothing, many gamers call the Life Is Strange kiss almost the most beautiful in the history of computer games.

Mass Effect

Of course, not the entire plot of this world-famous space epic revolves around love. Nevertheless, the developers have added many colorful and interesting characters of different genders and space races. Gradually, the player, as the main character, can develop a relationship with one (or several) NPCs, moving from friendly sympathy to selfless and emotional love.

However, no one bothers to be cold and Prim in relations with everyone. After all, love is a purely voluntary matter.

Leisure Suit Larry

The game is a cartoon quest about the adventures of a love-hungry dwarf. The main character is not quite a lucky guy who, for such a long time, could not find a suitable pair, although he tried his best. Still, Larry does not give up trying to find his chosen one, showing increased attention to attractive female representatives.

All the adventures of the hero are accompanied by rather scrupulous humor and some delicate scenes. So this game can only be recommended to adult players. 


A game about a school bully from Rockstar: the game resembles their famous GTA series. There is also complete freedom of action, an open world that lives its own turbulent life. And just like in GTA, you can start romantic relationships with beautiful girls and even invite them out on a date. But love here is more pure and innocent, showing that even the most incorrigible rebels and hooligans are capable of sincere touching feelings.

The Next BIG Thing

This is a computer quest from the Spanish Pendulo Studios. The game shows that Love and hate are just one step apart. The main characters of The Next BIG Thing are two journalists of the opposite sex. An ambitious young man and a woman who work together, chasing sensations and scandals, but continually bickering and fighting with each other.

But in the end, bickering and hostility are replaced by an opposite feeling, and the characters put their halves together and continue to live in love and harmony.


This game is an Indie platformer with original gameplay and a story with romantic motifs about a knight and a Princess. Here, to solve puzzles, you need to manage time by rolling it back. The main character is a simple office clerk in a jacket who was transported to a magical world and received the gift of controlling time. Using this ability and courage, he must overcome dangerous obstacles and traps to get to the Princess, who is not indifferent to him.

Silent Hill 2

The most tragic story of love and loss in the world of video games, which is almost impossible to remember without tears. The main character is a man who lost his wife due to a severe illness. Sometime later, the hero received an unexpected letter written in his wife’s handwriting. The letter referred to the mysterious foggy city of Silent Hill. It was to this city that James went without hesitation, giving birth to a desperate and crazy hope in his heart.

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