Petpresso: A Smart Way to Feed your Cat 1

Good news for pet lovers! Especially those who are or like to have cats in their home. Dani Morales has proposed the prototype of a smart cat feeder that works automatically. Now feeding your cat on time is much more comfortable.

It has its own App that you can install in any of your smart gadgets. Now you are all set to feed your cat on time, also to analysis and control its feeding habits. Petpresso has been launched as a Kickstarter project, and it’s expected to raise €12,500 for the same.

What makes Petpresso Useful?

PetpressoAnimals can’t speak, but we can identify their emotions via their behaviors, and likely they need food on time. There are certain conditions while you are busy watching your favorite TV serial or a Film or you are busy on a phone call!

You cat is waiting for you to be free or trying to remind you that it’s the right time to feed them! Petpresso is the right device to solve this problem, and your cat will be going to thank it!

You can identify your cat’s unusual behavior of eating and can even know if your cat is not well at the right time. Further, you can take proper measures or prepare yourself to get the treatment of your cat.

You can monitor the diet of your cat using the Petpresso device. It includes a wireless module connected to a cloud server, a microcontroller and a smartphone App that act as a dashboard or control unit for you to manage everything.

How does it Work?

Its prototype has many helpful features for cat guardians. Such as to fix a diet for the cat, schedule water, and food, view the history and log of cat’s eating habits, and many more.

Petpresso MechanismPetpresso is having weight sensors attached to its drinking and feeding plates. With the help of these sensors, you can track the cat’s eating habit in real time. Petpresso has a technique to create a statistical model of the eating habits of your cat by monitoring and analyzing its drinking and feeding behavior.

You will get an alert or notification on the App once it’ll find anything uncommon in the eating routine of your cat. Its app has a facility to share these details with your vet easily. It’s straightforward in use, just plug in the device, install the App and once the connection has been established between the devices you are good to go!

You can quickly set the amount of dose to be given to your cat per day using it. It takes care of the food and keeps it remain fresh for a long time due to its airtight seal. Cats won’t find any difference in the consistency or aroma of the food.

This device is a must for all the cats those who are suffering from any health problems. Also, it is of significant help to maintain good health of a healthy cat as well! It’ll be available for shipping to the worldwide users by February 2019.

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