Modern HouseEveryone dreams of a house, which can turn into a heaven of their small world. The house is a place where you get the chance to use your creativity by designing it in your own way. You tend to decorate your house in such a manner that it should catch everyone’s eye.

A modern house is one which gives your house a complete makeover. Well, it’s a bit difficult task to change your house into a dreamed one, but with little ideas and elements you can make it possible. For getting those ideas you need someone to help you so for that you can get ideas from the guys over Homify. They offer you the designs which will help you to give a luxurious look of your house. You will be able to get each and every specific idea for your house and I am sure your quench to build a luxurious house will come closer to the final step.

How to get your Ideal modern house:

Modern house can be designed in different ways. Architectural designs, furniture’s, Infinity pools and lighting ideas can dramatically change houses. These things will add chic and luxury to your lifestyle. Any houses can be redesigned and decorated that attracts people. Modern architecture has something for everyone out there. Even if your taste may vary towards the opposite side of the design there are still ideas of modern design that will appeal to you. You just need to focus on the items and designs that can change your house. Considering your creativity buy those items which should not take large spaces because something too large doesn’t leave a great look.

Things to keep in mind while planning modern house:

  • Location:

You must be thinking, what makes these modern house designs so special and different from others? Well the answer is location of your house. The locality or the area plays an important part in designing a house. Your resident should have beautiful scenery in front of your house, a relaxing sound of birds chirping or ocean waves. Even if your house doesn’t have this type of locality do not to worry because you can make it by planting trees and flowers in front of the house and making a house for birds. Nature will always have a huge impact on the house design.

  • House size:

Next is the size of the house. The opinions of the people are that the house has to be huge or expensive to be beautiful or amazing. But it’s just a myth. A small house, even looks great in the comparison of big villas or bungalows. A good architect and design can create a gorgeous modern house with their taste and style. No matter how big the house is at the end.

  • Architectural style:

With a great idea and styles a simple house can become a modern house. Style is another thing strongly related to someone’s personality, if you have those creative ideas in your mind you can definitely do anything. Appoint a good architecture for you and leave everything to them, but if you can’t afford an architect then get some ideas and make it work.

When we take all criteria described above, we get one and only, “the wow factor”. When you see modern home and its design, you’re either impressed, or not impressed. This can be described as “the wow factor”, and, at the end.

Gadgets that make a modern house

In today’s lifestyle gadgets play an important part of our daily workout. Now-a-days we are fully dependent on gadget for our daily actions. Like Smartphone’s, we also need a gadget for our house through which we can do our daily work quickly. As the technology is changing rapidly so as these gadgets are also. These gadgets can really help you to get a luxurious modern look.

Here are some gadgets for your home if you want to live in a beautiful, comfortable and luxurious modern house that has character and charm.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 21The transparent tv was proposed by Michael Friebe, it’s a see through TV. If you get bored of your flat-panel display stuck to your wall then you must bring this to your home it will completely change the look of your room.

Michael stated, it combines conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology. This allows to create a non-transparent / solid moving pictures with rich color reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 22Got tired of your regular long, one-dimensional linear array of switches mounted on a vertical wall. I have seen many times people get confused as which switch is for what purpose. For getting rid of this problem Taewon Hwang came through with the technology of a Floor Plan Light switch. The switches are modified according to the floor plan of the room and operate accordingly. So in a single look, you know which switch controls what.


Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 23The RIMA desk lamp is specially designed to provide interaction the user needs. You are allowed to control the light via four controller rings that you can slide. Total 56 LEDs are being placed on the light strip. The slim light bar provides as much warm white light as you need. It packs a processor which controls the heat, intensity, angle of the beam and color. For me, it’s one of the best technologies.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 24Another interesting thing which will surely gonna blink anyone’s eye. Yeongwoo Kim designed a lamp which pours the light. The lamp uses LED lights that are kept in the bucket and with the help of phosphorescence in the “water” part it lights in a marvelous way.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 25Prevention is always better than cure, you must have heard this many times. Those sticky bacteria’s usually enter your house through Door knobs and handles because all it takes is a person to sneeze into their palm and touch a door handle, so why not create self-sterilizing door handles?

The self-sterilizing door handle is created by Choi Bomi and is a Red Dot Design Concept winning entry. As opposed to door knobs, it contains a handle that rests horizontally and meant to push down to unlock the door. The handle self-sterilizes through the use of UV light that runs on it when it’s not in use. In the closed position, the handle clicks into place horizontally and pushes the switch to keep the UV lamp on which effectively makes any bacteria residing on the handle unable to reproduce, spread, or cause disease.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 26It is a screen which works both as a printer and a monitor designed by Byeong Min Choe for minimizing working spaces and saving working times. This monitor has the solution for saving our precious working times and natural resources.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 27Amirko has created the concept for Change It!,a simple, ingenious way to create any design you want on your wall. You can arrange the pixel blocks to form fields of color, rainbows, patterns, and even your favorite video game characters if you want. It is designed from a series of prisms attached through rods, which could then be adjusted to a variety of angles to produce unique colors.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 28A better way to change paint the ceiling with light. LED Ceiling is being created by Seo Dong-Hun that allows you to create the light shapes you want on the ceiling. You can draw your imagination into your ceilings and it will definitely make your room a marvelous one.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 291ℓimit faucet has got the shape of test tube inverted on top of a tap. The tube holds that much of water which is sufficient for a quick Hand wash that means exactly one liter of water. It has been found that we waste almost six liters of water and uses only one, while washing hands. Once the stored one-liter is used up, you have to turn-off the tap till the next one liter fills up the tube. This will give a chic look to your bathrooms.

Incorporating Gadgets With Your Modern House 30Another one for your bathroom, due to lack of space in some apartment bathrooms it’s become difficult to fit a full- or even half-size tub. The Tulip Bath/Shower designed by Piotr Pyrtek provides the solution of space. It is created in a way in which the unit seems to blossom open, as well as the tulip’s versatility in the world of plants. When upright, the enclosure prevents splashing and contains a steam for showering. When flipped open, the vertical portion provides a place to lean against along the back surface. The design takes its colors from nature – tulip white and natural green.

These were the list of top 10 modern gadgets which gives an elegant and spontaneous look to your house. No doubt with these gadgets you can give your house a modern look. It will change the indoor plus outdoor look of your house. I hope you like reading our article and if I have missed any modern gadget in the list so feel free to comment and I will add that in the list.

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