Interested in knowing which is the world’s slimmest phone right now, fear not we got that information covered in this article.

The size zero is the part of the slimmest wave in the world, and it does not end with having a slim body. Nowadays, it goes through all the gadgets. If you have the slimmest phone, it attracts everyone. Apart from that, would you want to carry a smartphone that fills up your pocket with an awkward bulge? The thinnest phones get popular in each and every day and nowadays demands the slimmest mobile phones have increased a lot.

Now, the customers have multiple choice for selecting a mobile phone. There are the variety of slim telephones available in the market with beautiful colors and designs.

Why slimmest phone attract peoples?

Slimmest phone does have a better look than all the bulky phones, and it is considered as a fashion accessory. Slim phones being slim, so it is easy to carry around anywhere when compared to big phones. The slim phones can be carried easily in your jeans pocket or even a wallet. Bulky smartphones hurt the users because of its weight.

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The qualities of slimmest mobile phones

In today’s world, there are many thinnest smartphones arrival in the market. But some of those only have the most exceptional features. While buying the smartphone, you need to consider some things.

A mobile phone comes with highly innovative imaging as well as it has multimedia options. When you use that gadget for the first time, you would be excited at all the advanced features. The ultra slim mobile phone is one of the first choices for the peoples. The slimmest mobile phone must be highly versatile in its capabilities.

The essential common features of the smartphone

Generally, the appearance of the smartphone is the best and first impression to the peoples. We want to have a smartphone with multiple innovations. While buying the smartphone, the design is the primary consideration to the peoples. Again the screen size is one of the essential factors to consider. If you have a small hand, you may don’t want the big screen smartphone.

If you are interested in photography, watching movies and playing games on your smartphone, then the big screen phone is suitable for you. Nowadays, the camera becomes one of the most important selling factors. Peoples want to buy a smartphone with the highest quality camera. The manufacturers provide a lot of specialties and control options in the smartphone.

The battery life becomes an issue for most of the smartphones. Buying the smartphone with the highest battery life. And the battery life depends on how long you use your smartphone. If you watch a lot of videos on your smartphone, then it uses more battery. Another thing to be considered is processor power. The phone has the quality to perform multiple tasks at the same time. So looking for the phone with the highest processing power and the phone should have the quality to perform more tasks.

There are a lot of smartphones available at different prices with different qualities. So you need to search before buying the smartphone.

Gone are the days when everyone used to focus more on the specifications of a smartphone. Currently, the new generation is interested in knowing what megapixel the front camera is and how slim is the smartphone. None wants to carry a bulky or thick smartphone.

Keeping that in mind smartphone companies have also evolved, this year alone several slim smartphones have released which shows that companies do want to give what the consumer wants. They do want to attract more and more customers by providing this unique slim design to the newly released models.

Till this date, Vivo X5 Max is said to be the world’s slimmest smartphone, or you can say the world’s thinnest smartphone available in the market. But we have done our research and compiled a list of 10+ smartphones that can be queued in the list of the top slimmest smartphone in the world.

VIVO X5 MAX – 4.75MM

worlds slimmest phone

Vivo has wholly shifted the gears of smartphone manufacturing from sometime and on December 10th they did announce the released of the slimmest phone to date. At 4.75mm, the Vivo X5 Max tops the charts replacing Oppo R5 which was around 4.85mm thick.

Vivo X5 Max isn’t just superior on the design, but it also comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display which is also considered as the world’s thinnest screen display with a thickness of around 1.36mm. Despite being such thin, this smartphone supports dual SIM with one slot for a Micro-SIM card and the other one for either a TF card or a nano-SIM card.

It is also backed with 1.7Ghz 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM. Since it supports a TF card thus the internal 16GB of memory can easily be expanded to 128GB. Talking about the camera, it does feature a 5mp front-facing camera, and a 13mp rear-facing camera teamed with a Sony IMX214 sensor.

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