We generally have our PCs having a Windows operating system installed. It can be either old versions like XP, and Vista or newer ones such as Windows 8, and 10. There is one common issue that almost all windows users need to face while using their Computer. It is a problem of internet connectivity!!!

Further, we will be discussing a quick and straightforward solution to this problem. Hence, this trick can save your time and effort in getting back your network connectivity. That too, without disturbing any of your hardware connections!

So, what we generally do if the Internet is not available in our PC?

–    We first check the connections of network cables or routers.

–    Clear the history and cache of our web browser.

–    Trying to disconnect and reconnect the network again and again.

–    And, further…!

In the case of no solution or confusion, we generally reinstall the web browser or OS of the Computer. And this is a bad habit to treat anything without knowing the actual cause of an issue. Be it on a Human or a Computer Machine!

Well, full installation of an operating system consumes much of your time and effort. Also, you will never be going to get an idea about the basics of your personal Computer. It will never help you to know and use your Personal Computer in a better way possible.

What to Do in Case of Network Connectivity Problems?

If your hardware network connections are okay and still you are unable to access the Internet, then there would be three main Reasons.

1)    Configuration error in TCP/IP.

2)    Corruption Error in Winsock API Registry Key.

3)    Incorrect or No Installation of Network Device Driver.

For more details regarding the above issues, please click here.

What is Netsh Winsock Reset for Windows Based PCs?

As the name implies the command netsh(Network Shell) can reset the network configurations of your Computer. It recovers the PC from any socket errors that can happen due to the presence of any malicious script or unknown downloaded file.

You can identify this problem in your Computer while browsing the Internet. Winsock or Windows Socket is a collection of data that can help your computer program to connect with the Internet.

Web browser hijacking or spyware activities can corrupt Winsock settings. As a result of which it affects the network connectivity configurations of a Windows PC. Winsock can also be considered as an API that works between network programs installed in the Computer and internet services.

Use the following Steps in Command Prompt:

Type cmd to Launch Command Prompt in your Windows PC.

Open it as Administrator User.

Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.

Finally, Restart the Computer.


The next task is to check whether the problem has been solved or not. If the trouble persists then get more info here.

Also, it might be possible that after entering the netsh Winsock reset windows 10 command, and you may get an error like “Access Denied.” Hence, for such case, learn more here.


Below are the recommended Commands that can be used while resetting the Winsock in case of Windows 10 OS:

1) netsh advfirewall reset – Restore advanced security settings in the windows firewall. However, optionally, the currently active policy can be saved on a specific file.

2) netsh int ip reset – This command can help to reset the TCP/IP network stack. It restores all the IPv4(Internet protocol version 4) settings of the Computer that may come into effect after rebooting the system.

3) netsh int ipv6 reset – You need to restart the Computer after running this command. As a result, the PC will get the default IPv6(Internet protocol version 6) configuration settings.

4) netsh winsock reset – It reconfigures the Winsock Catalog to a clean state. Winsock Name Space Provider entries are not affected by the command. However, it needs reinstallation of all the Winsock Layered Service Providers.

If you are having any other version of Windows Operating System in your computer then for the precise idea, check this out.


When to Use Netsh Winsock Reset Command?

You can reset the Winsock of your operating system whenever you face one among the following issues with using the Internet in your PC;

–    Getting slow network connectivity or no connection messages.

–    If the beginning of the default gateway address that is showing on the browser starts with 169 254 …

–    The system is not able to find the DNS configurations.

–    Pop up messages regarding network related problems

–   No internet connection after installing/uninstalling any Antivirus or network related software.

–    Any DHCP error or IP address related issues.

–    No network connectivity due to registry errors.

–   The problem in accessing some or all webpages even after all the hardware network connections are okay.

There are two solutions for all the above network problems. One is to download a Microsoft free utility file that supports your version of Windows. Check over here to get help on how to reset the complete TCP/IP protocol stack of your PC.

Another is to use netsh comms reinstall or Winsock reset windows command. Yes, we are discussing the second technique in this post. Thus, you can use it to apply the default setting of network adapter software. Netsh can reset the TCP/IP(Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol) configurations of a windows PC. 

What Does Netsh Winsock Reset Do?

Winsock reset works with specific network-based software programs installed in our Computers like VPN and Web Browsers. The main job is to restore the default data inside the wsock32 DLL file on the Computer.

A winsock.dll or Dynamic Link Library implements the API and manage TCP/IP connections and windows programs.  As well as a Winsock reset command can clean the malicious data inside the same DLL file.

Hence, next time a networking program like a browser can use the same file to connect with the Internet without any issues. Generally, a wrong software program, virus or a windows glitch can break the internet access of some basic networking programs.

After using Winsock reset command, some of the software installed in a computer might not work incorrect manner. It is possible since resetting Winsock removes all the layered service providers.

Additionally, it will remove the network service providers and their current settings from the system. It includes Bluetooth bridges, USB network connections, or so. Hence a user might need to reconfigure the necessary software again.

Always check the list of currently installed LSPs(Layered Service Providers). It is advisable before resetting the Winsock Catalog. Netsh Winsock reset windows 10 command will work successfully only if all the network drivers are working well in the Computer.

Always make sure that the network adapters should be running correctly before using the command. To get deeper into knowing from where the actual network issue is happening, you can check out this article!

Do Right, Be Safe!!!

According to many tech experts, it is not advisable to use the netsh Winsock reset command frequently for no reason! It is best to first diagnose the correct problem behind any network issue that you are facing in your Computer.

We all know using a good Antivirus program while accessing the Internet is very much important in today’s scenario. An anti-malware program can defend your Computer against threats. Additionally, it can detect and treat any infection that can affect the Winsock file in your Computer.

More details and stepwise approaches to Reset Computer’s network connection or to flush the DNS are;

Do not get panic or frustrated the next time when while accessing the Internet, you got a Dragon with a message “No Internet” on the Google Chrome Browser!!!

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