What is Gadget

What is GadgetWhat is gadget and why they have become a necessity of us today. We cannot live without them in the scenario when everywhere they have become a part and parcel of our lives.

What is Gadget?

It is nothing more than a small technological object which has a particular function and which is there to help us things easier and funnier for us. Gadgets are also called gizmos. The common example of gizmos or gadgets are video ipod, digital cameras, mobile phones, plasma HDTVS, XBox 360, Portable Satellite Radio, sony playStation portable, DVR – Digital Video Recorders and much more. They are everywhere around and they are in use to perform different functions either entertain us or make things easier for us.

Just imagine how a mobile phone has made life simpler. You can call your family, friends and others whenever you like, and more than that they have now introduced other facilities in it – a mobile phone is no longer a phone it is a combo pack of all the important technological developments – you have a camera to click still and video images, games to play when you are bore, listen to music live or from the saved play list, watch videos, share multimedia messages with friends and family and more than that you can browse the web, check your mails, send emails and do a lot more.What is GadgetThat’s where the power of gadget lies. You simply cannot resist it. It has so many temptations that a grand old man too loves to do something in it. Though gadgets are gadgets or gizmos and there is no division among them, but very deeply they are classified into – mechanical gadgets, electronic gadgets, programmable gadgets, and application gadgets. Now the are so popular that even defense sector has shown interest in it and they are into research to make a number of gadgets which would enable them in warfare and combating enemies easily.

All these types of gadgets are to help you and us to perform certain tasks. With it brighter side the gadgets do often tend to pose some threats as well. Now children spend more time in front of game or play stations, they are more to binge eating sitting in front of TVS or computers, use cell phones from a very tender age where the radiations are not healthy for them from any angle and much more. SO, there so should be a generous and justified use of gadgets so that the bliss of science doesn’t become a curse. This is what is gadget … a device mechanized and manufactured with an intention to make people addicted to it!



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