Smartphones allow us to play and enjoy different video games handy wherever we are. Remembering the time a few years back when smartphones are not part of our daily life. We use to have a Gameboy to play games such as Tetris, Tank, etc. Some gamers are so fanatic towards the Gameboy console that they can’t live without it even a single day!

Things that you can like

Wanle Gamers Console: A Gameboy at The Back of Your iPhone 5Are you one among them and still missing the look and feel of a Gameboy? Then good news for you! Wanle Gamers console for iPhone is merely a back cover but with the added advantage. Its design is similar to a traditional handheld gaming console.

There is a pair of A/B buttons, a D-pad, reset button, Power button, the button to turn sound on/off, and a button to make the selection. There is a small LCD screen that gives the same feel like playing a game on a classic Nintendo style game boy.

It is easy to use. First, insert the battery at the back side of the cover if you want to play the games on the Gameboy. Then attach it to the iPhone. And you are good to go. While you are not using the iPhone, you can do spent time with playing Tetris on this latest released iPhone console cum back cover.

Wanle iPhone back cover will be compatible with Apple’s iPhone 6 and newer versions. You may not get the exact games as those are available with classic Gameboy consoles. For example, talking about Tetris, you are getting a clone of Tetris game with the new soundtrack. Even there are other traditional games loaded into it with specific variations.

You can either like them to enjoy playing new variations of classic handheld console games or dislike it if you want the exact gaming experience of playing Gameboy’s games. Don’t let down, since it has some games those are emulations of the original version of the classic games.

Things that you might not like

Wanle Gamers Console: A Gameboy at The Back of Your iPhone 6Since it is running on a button battery, one that is common in watches. So you might need to face battery run down without the facility to recharge the same. The best solution is to buy more than one watch batteries in spare to avoid inconvenience between gameplay.

Also, proper care should be taken during handling your phone while the console is attached to its back. There are buttons and a screen on the cover so using it roughly might damage such delicate kinds of stuff. You can’t use it like a highly durable back cover.

People like Wanle’s gaming back cover much. It was initially sold at a price point of around $80. But again it is available to buy at a discounted offer of $25 approx. If you want to try it, then you should rush to book it!

To be honest Wanle’s back cover gaming console might not meet up to your expectations if you like to play smartphone games or desiring for a rough and tough back cover for your iPhone. However, still, it has something to enjoy with other than having a flat back cover on your iPhone.

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