TriggerClips: Small yet Convenient Smartphone Gaming Controllers 4

We are already aware of a universal fact about smartphone users! People are keener to play the games, listen to music, watch movies, take pictures, and so as compared to only making and receiving the calls.

Whenever a new smartphone has been launched, you may find different utility accessories available in the market for the same in no time. It makes it easy for anyone to take the right decision in buying a new phone as per needs and use it for an extended period.


Evolution in Smartphone Gaming

The smartphone gaming industry is evolving very rapidly. We can now play many popular gaming titles for Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, or high graphics PC games on smartphones. Such gaming platforms are targeting a significant customer base of smartphone users.

After all with time smartphones are also evolving at a rapid pace. Nearly all the smartphone companies are making their smartphones powerful with each new model. In every quarter a new smartphone model is launching using the latest possible hardware and software.

TriggerClips: Small yet Convenient Smartphone Gaming Controllers 5

How to Enhance Gaming Experience in a Smartphone?

Among the different popular accessories gaming, ones are in high demand in the market. Smartphone accessories manufacturers are trying to develop something more convenient for its customers.

You can use some AI controllers to play special games. It is portable and enhances the level of entertainment using your smartphone. Did you ever try to play a racing game with an AI headset on your head and a controller on your hand? If not then you should! It delivers an impressive gaming experience.

Also, you can try using a right gaming controller compatible with your smartphone size and operating system. We are already aware of some of the smartphone gaming consoles such as Critical Ops, PUBG, Fortnite etc. They are need of gaming enthusiasts those who want to control their accuracy and movements in games precisely.


What’s latest in Mobile Gaming?

Recently a new smartphone gaming controller named TriggerClips have been introduced by a team of gamers based in Poland. They are under Kickstarter project and is available for early bid pledges starting from around £10.

TriggerClips are helping smartphone gamers to improve their power of gaming. They can now play games by performing more actions at a time. It enhances their efficiency while playing the crucial smartphone games and score higher.

As per its designers – “It is the first proper smartphone gaming controller”. As the name suggests, TriggerClips are small rubber-like clips. The clips can be attached at the two ends of your phone before you start to play the game on it.

That’s it! Other than this you do not need to connect any specialized hardware or tangling cables to make a bulkier gaming setup or so. These rubber clips can be carried easily in your pocket while moving anywhere.

The clips are having rubber buttons on them that synchronizes with the game’s you are playing. They provide you more buttons to use in a game other than using limited sources to control your gameplay.

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