The New Moto E Play In The Market 4

The mobile phones have become one of the most important gadgets that almost all human being on earth uses. It has started as a means to emergency calls but now has become a matter of style and pride.


The smartphones have started to grace the market for the past decade with its numerous uses. It is as if the world has been dropped in one’s palm if they own a smartphone. There are so many companies that have started bringing in their smartphones to the market every day. Every smartphone is the same but unique by their own means. It could be the way of usage or the options that may or may not present, but every smartphone has their own unique models and uses. As such, there is one phone that has made its debut in the market recently.

Motorola’s E Play:

The Motorola has taken it upon itself to present its customers with low budget phones for the past decade or so. With their step into the smartphone department, they have not let go of their particular policy about low budget phones. Starting from the X-series to the latest E-series, all their smartphones prove to be low budget but work just as same as the other smartphones on the market. Now, the Moto E Play of the Motorola E series has made its grand debut in the market.

Model of the Phone:

The model of the phone is of the basic one. The basic model of the Motorola smartphones is the model of this E play. This model is lightweight that gives an ease in carrying. The slightly curved edges are very useful to grip the phones, so little chances of it slipping through the fingers.

The New Moto E Play In The Market 5

Pros of The Phone:

The phone has a single lens at the back and a fingerprint sensor just below it. And it works perfectly if you indent to protect your phone with fingerprint authentication. It has a removable back, unlike most smartphones in the market these days. There’s a removable battery, a micro-SIM slot that is just below the back cover. The battery is replaceable, which is a relief in the long run. The phone works on the Android Operating System and supports almost all applications that are designed for it. The battery lasts longer, so the fear of running out of battery can be avoided. The display is 5.2 inch with LED screen with the pixel resolution 1280 X 720. The durability is high.

Cons of the Phone:

The operating system cannot be upgraded. This is one of the main problems with the phone. And so the new applications that may available on the play store can possibly not be downloaded and installed. The performance of the phone is bordering decent. The phone hangs up a lot and the apps worker slower than normal. So it would be advisable to not overload it with heavy applications. The gaming is very slow to load and if you are a game fanatic, you will be disappointed.

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