The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Lenovo Smart Display 1

The selling point of the Lenovo Smart Display is its smart screen and the Google Assistant. It is available in eight inches and ten-inch creative display options to suit your need and budget. The smart screen displays weather forecast, recipes, smart home controls, video calls and youtube channels. It is an Android device to enhance the users with Google assistance.

All About Visual Credits

Looks are minimal, quirky and attractive. The Lenovo device is rectangular in shape and possesses a speaker like a grill form to the left of the screen. It is available in eight or ten inches. The device can be made to stand vertically or sleep horizontally, and the speaker falls to the bottom or to the left accordingly. The product is designed to have a unique look with the speakers alongside the screen, to make it not resemble the tablet. At the back of the speaker is an L-shaped arm. The eight-inch device comes in a gray finish whereas the ten-inch device comes in the bamboo finish. The back has a hunch design to make it stand on its own. This is quite uncomfortable to pick and hand use. But the device is designed to be stable on a countertop or a night table on a fix and not keep it moving like a tablet. The swivel option in its back stand is quite useful, and angle adjustments do not support well in this device.

Lenovo first creation of Google AI assistant, Amazon echo gave its users an interface to interact with the Google assistant. But Lenovo Smart Display device also has an added touchscreen option in case you need more attention during vocal interactions. The dual mic inside the Smart Display is too good. Suppose the screen already has a video running, and if you want to talk to Google Assistant, then a mild voice can quickly overlap the running video noise and pick your commands quickly. This is a too good feature of Lenovo Smart Display.

The speakers have a capability of 10watts that can cover your entire home with full blasting sound when you need them. The speaker is slightly bigger in the ten inch model than the eight-inch model. The audio quality in the Lenovo Smart display is much better than in Amazon Echo.

The Internal Setup and its Special Features

Qualcomm’s 624 Home Hub Platform performs awesomeness in Smart Display Google assistant visual and verbal process. Those who already own and use other Android devices will find the UI of Lenovo Smart Display to be easy. The UI is for sure user-friendly. Photos and artwork show well on its screen. The device screen shows news articles from various news sources. It has video reports just like Alexa feature. When you ask the assistant how to cook it displays a list from the top results on the internet. The ingredient is read by the assistant and waits till it receives the next command from you say Ok Google after which it takes to the next step. One drawback in the YouTube section is that it does not display the subscribed channels. However, it picks any channel on command. The carousel display below the running YouTube video is useful. Any query from you, the Smart Screen picks that specific YouTube channel and shows the apparent answer. Google Duo calls can be used to make calls to another Smart screen user or a smartphone with Google Duo app installed. It supports vertical mode. It is easier to use. The Lenovo Smart Display can beam content to play on Chrome cast. One can make regular calls when the Smart screen is connected to your phone with the command to its assistant. Home devices like Philips Hue Light bulbs can be connected to the Smart Device. Regular routine activities can also be set up in this Smart Screen device that makes your favorite daily activities pre-loaded into the device at a specific time.

The Lenovo Smart Display can nevertheless be explained as the most of ‘Android things with Google Assistant Overlay.’ The Hardware stands out from its market competitors, and it is the only Google Assistant with a Screen giving access to YouTube and Google Duo to its users.

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