Tapplock One: A Padlock with Utmost Convenience (Important Features) 7

People can trust on padlocks to secure their guarding tool sheds, middle school lockers, bikes and many other things. Today you can find different types of padlocks available to buy in the market. Now you do not need to depend upon the keys only to open a padlock. You can have a lock that includes technologies like fingerprint reading and Bluetooth.

In this post, we’ll be going to talk about a padlock that works on fingerprint, Bluetooth or Morse code. It is Tapplock One. You need a fingerprint to unlock a padlock which offers not only ease of using a padlock for its users but also an enhanced level of security.

Tapplock One will be available in the international market in three different colors, gunmetal grey, sterling silver and midnight black. An impressive feature about Tapplock is that it can unlock within a second once you put your finger on it. There is a square shaped small area provided in the front of it working as a fingerprint reader.

Tapplock One: A Padlock with Utmost Convenience (Important Features) 8Use of Tapplock App

To correctly setup a Tapplock you need to download its App on your gadget. Register for it, and you can pair your device with padlock via Bluetooth. Its App not only helps in locking and unlocking the padlock one but you can also make Morse code combinations and fingerprint profiles.

You might be worrying that fingerprint on Tapplock allows you only to lock or unlock the same! But don’t worry it has the feature to store up to 500 different fingerprints. So your Tapplock can be accessed by any of your friend or a family member. You need to add a new person to the user by registering its name and email. Once that person has installed the Tapplock app he or she can control it via Bluetooth.

Tapplock also provides transparency and security while more than one person is using it. You can get activity log, from where you can check, the name of the user, address, and date who had access the Tapplock before. You can grant a user access to the Tapplock for a specific period as well, and you have the authority to revoke a user anytime.

Tapplock One: A Padlock with Utmost Convenience (Important Features) 9What is Morse code?

Since other than Bluetooth and Fingerprint Tapplock also gives you a third exciting option to unlock it, i.e., Morse code. It is a type of activity using the power button of your Tapplock in a manner that acts as the code of the instruction to a Tapplock. Using a Tapplock app, you can create a Morse code, a combination of ‘dash’ and ‘dots.’

If you press power button for long, it is known as a ‘dash’ otherwise if you press it for a short amount of time it is recognized as ‘dot’ by the app. After creating a combination of 6 to 12 ‘dash’ and ‘dots’ you are ready to use it to lock and unlock the Tapplock.

To activate the same beneath the fingerprint reader, there is a power button; you need to press it for three times. A green blinking light indicates that you are ready to access the Tapplock using Morse code.

Finally, give the right pattern of ‘dot’ and ‘dash’ by pressing the power button for short or long interval of time. It is the best option for those who are not comfortable or handy with either giving their fingerprint or using a Bluetooth enabled gadget.

There is a magnetic charging cord to charge the rechargeable battery inside the Tapplock. Charge for 2 hours and use it for a year or around 3500 unlocks. Tapplock app indicates the battery charge condition as well. All in all, Tapplock is waterproof and a well-designed padlock combined with latest useful technologies for the convenience of a user.

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