Stompump: A Handy Bicycle Foot Pump 4

We all need to inflate the tires of our vehicles now and then. It is indeed a waste of time and money while travelling to a far automobile shop to inflate the tires. The solution for the same problem is already available in the market in the form of inflator pumps.

Today it is challenging to search for a compact tire inflator in the market. If you find and buy any similar model, there is no further guarantee whether it will be used for a long time or not.

Recently a related project has been taken to the Kickstarter to raise about $10,500. The project is based on a handy tire inflator known as stompump. If it goes well, then the company will soon start its production on the commercial basis.

Why Stompump?

Stompump is first in its class foot actuated compact inflator. The kit comes with a carrying bracket to store the Stompump. You can also attach the bracket to your bicycle frame and carry stompump like a water sipper. One can without effort take it while travelling from one place to another especially for long rides.

Stompump can help its user to quickly inflate the tires of cars, backpack, Bikes, or Motorcycles. No more need to deal with clumsy frame pumps or Co2 inflators.

The pump is well built having a safety strap and frame dock. Total weight of the stompump is approx. 185 grams. Before using to inflate the tire of the vehicle, pull out its hose and attach its chunk to the valve stem of the tire. It can support both the Schrader and Presta valves.

Below figure will give an idea about the different components used in the Stompump;

As per its makers, it can quickly inflate tires almost three times as compared to a hand pump.  This version of the pump is not suitable to inflate the tires of a super high-pressure road bike since it is having the maximum capacity of 60 psi( around 4 bar).


Stompump: A Handy Bicycle Foot Pump 5Stompump includes a cylindrical storage compartment for size 53mm x 22.2mm. There is an air filter inside its body for the intake; Filter helps stompump to keep its internal components free of debris and dirt. It further ensures smooth operation of the pump.

Stompump needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure its long-term usage. To do so, you will need to disassemble its components, wipe them and install them back. Also, you can repair or rebuild the unit. So you do not need to worry the money you have spent to buy the same.

Hence, Stompump has been designed for different application of inflation. Best for maintaining enough tire pressure on the bicycles having wide tires. A large or high volume tire gives better traction, ride quality and efficiency.  Such tires need a pump having the capability or produce more air per compression.  Wide tires are essential for biking on gravel-roads, mountains, etc.

If everything will be fine, then stompump is expecting to be available to order by the coming August 2018. For more information about the same, you can go to the source website, i.e., Kickstarter.

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