RocketBody: How About having a WA (Workout Assistant)? 4

Many medical professionals and Yoga experts have been stated a universal fact. It is that people are facing diseases much because of their stomach problems. And the main reason behind their stomach problems is improper regular diet. Today we are too busy in our lives that we can’t decide and manage to eat or drink daily at a specific point in time. We don’t take care of our eating regimen and proper diet.

We already use to read and heard about different diet tips from experts from newspapers, Blogs, videos, etc. but do we follow the same? Many people are used to spending much for paying the fees for gym and fitness programs. Fitness freaks usually spend time with their nutritionists. It is with a hope to get the goal of the fit body quickly, but how many of them get successful?

AI Personal Fitness Assistant

Well, such queries are still unsolved for many! But what about having an artificial intelligence personal nutritionist and trainer. It is much like having a robot who is watching and tracking your fitness activities all the time and guiding you as per.

RocketBody: How About having a WA (Workout Assistant)? 5Recently, RocketBody has been launched as a Kickstarter project. It is like the fitness assistant that will track and tell you the best time to do the workout. Also, it can record your metabolic rate regularly and guide you about when you need to eat to maintain your healthy body.

By the way, don’t go with the name, it will not going to turn your body into a Rocket. However, it is your fitness assistant. You need to spend once, and it will take care of you forever.

How Does It Work?

As per its creators, RocketBody is using medical-grade EKG to track the metabolic rate of a person. It can analyze the user’s measurement and proportions of the body. Also, it can calculate the total calories intake and burned, heart rate and its variability, users training goals and many more.

After collecting all such information, it prepares a nutrition plan. Further, propose you set of exercises in proper time that will affect your body the most. A personal fitness assistant! This time it’s a machine, so chances of failure will be nil as per our expectations.

How has it been Prepared?

Before preparing it, the maker worked with Ph.D. scientists. Also, he teamed up with the subject experts of neural biology and biophysics to develop its technology.

Timofei Lipsky, the creator of the product. He has identified the super-compensation in humans (It is the state when a human body is at its highest performance). He then included top level software and hardware engineers to prepare a mobile app and wearable stuff finally.

The product is expected to be delivered in the coming month of October 2018. Its Kickstarter project pledges are starting from $99. Many health experts have impressed with its idea and expectations are higher! It might be possible that by the end of the year people are heading towards ordering it to prepare for their next New Year fitness resolution!

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