OnePlus has done a good job in impressing the smartphone customers from the past few years. Right from the OnePlus One launched in 2014 this series of the smartphone is continually increasing its customer base by launching about two new Flagship phones every year.

Till now the company has launched total seven versions and rumors are already getting viral online for the upcoming one. Now it’s the time of OnePlus 6. Yes according to the sources OnePlus six will be ready to launch soon. The new Smartphone of OnePlus flagship series will have great high-end specifications.

What is OnePlus?

It’s a Chinese smartphone manufacturer brand founded in December 2013. Within five years the company has done a great growth in the global smartphone market. Today this company is serving the smartphone users in more than 38 different regions and countries all over the world.

The brand is under the ownership of Oppo and is targeting to produce smartphones with best in class features at a low price. The best part of OnePlus is that company is regularly monitoring the smartphone market to prepare for the Next. Also analyzing the behavior and need of smartphone users to give the best they can with their budgetary new models.

OnePlus 6: A Cheaper Alternative to IPhoneX (Features Leaked) 3Top 6 Feature of OnePlus 6

Following are some features of OnePlus 6 as per the information leaked through online sources;

  1. The 6th version of the OnePlus phone will be having a big display of 6.2 inches. A good news for Phablet lovers.
  2. The phone will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor chipset.
  3. The phone will be productive since it will be having around 8GB of RAM.
  4. Big Memory, Big Display, Big Processor so why not Big Storage. Of course, the phone will be available on market invariants of 64GB, 128GB and can be expanded up to 256GB.
  5. This phone will also not let down photography lovers. Since it will be having dual rear-facing cameras, one with a 20-megapixel sensor and other one 12-megapixel sensor.
  6. Don’t doubt about the charging time of the phone because the company will provide dash charge, fast charging facility on this phone.

What Makes OnePlus 6 a Tough Competitor Among Leading Flagships?

After coming to know the features and specification of OnePlus 6 phone, the gadget geeks started comparing this phone with iPhone X. Why not! If we directly compare the price by keeping the specs aside, then OnePlus 6 wins the heart of its fans as compared to iPhone X.

Few days before someone posted an image of OnePlus 6. After a look experts are suggesting that the phone will have an edge-to-edge display. Its look will be much like that of Oppo R15 model from the front but with a different experience from the back.

According to the latest sources, the 128GB version of the OnePlus 6 smartphone will be available in the market at the cost of around $749. We can say “Get ready smartphone enthusiasts, a tough competitor of iPhone X is warming up for a big fight.” Well, let’s see how good it’ll be going to perform in the super competitive smartphone market!

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