Nova 3 Launched from Huawei 1

A new mobile phone called Nova 3 was officially released. It continued the DNA of Huawei’s Nova series, leading the trend, and its unique appearance is synonymous with him. I know that everyone can’t wait to see this.
Nova 3 uses a glass body, and the back shell is transformed from 2.5D glass to 3D curved glass. It shines in the different light, it is stunning.

The front side adopts a new generation of notch full screen. Under the premise that the size of the body does not change, the screen size is increased as much as possible. The 6.3-inch display and the small body complement each other. The screen ratio is as high as 83.4%, which increases the sensory pleasure. Another point is that the craftsmanship of Huawei’s big factory, the front of Nova 3 uses the design of the screen-out integration, the black of the front panel frame part is adjusted to the degree of black and white color difference with the screen in the screen-out state, visually More attractive, then let’s take a look at the fantastic details of Nova 3!

The rear is 24 million black and white + 16 million colors dual-lens lens and double f1.8 large aperture, for the details of the control is more real. The minimalist back cover has only a few rows of words, written with the AI ​​camera and aperture size. The bright silver handwriting does not conflict with the back cover, but it looks better. The rear fingerprint identification module, like the ceramic texture, has a ring of metal rings wrapped around it, which feels good.

As the gaze moved down, we saw the same bright silver Huawei handwriting, while the back 3D surface design reflected a beautiful trace. On the back, we have already seen it and then look at the front again.

The front side adopts a new generation of notch “bang” screen. In the small “bang,” it has installed 24 million + 2 million poster-level self-portrait heads, and a breathing light is hidden under the earpiece. In order to give users a more personalized experience, the EMUI 8.2 system equipped with Nova 3 is optimized for bangs, allowing users to choose whether they have “bangs” or no “bangs,” and can also adjust the color temperature independently. It can be said that it is very intimate. It is.

The Huawei Nova 3″ on the box, which can change the position and change the rainbow color.

Nova 3 also uses the body molding process, but why is the back a whole piece of glass? The secret is hidden on the side and the bottom!

There is also an injection strip on the top of the side, but it is hidden under the glass panel on the back. You can also see that there is a circle of threads on the power button, which can increase the accuracy of our blind press and is a small and considerate detail.

Nova 3 has a unique UI design for light blue, blue, purple and primrose gold. After booting, the front and back values ​​are more uniform, and the overall cost rises again.

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