We have been listening for a while to the possibility that Apple included a dual SIM card in the iPhone, now in the latest beta of iOS 12 there are clear references in this regard.

Specifically, in the source code of iOS 12 there is evidence about a second tray for SIM cards, that is, a physical SIM card instead of an Apple SIM like the ones incorporated in the iPad.

The functionality of the double SIM is very widespread in places like Asia, where it is also trendy to use phones with a large screen. With which, both the iPhone with an LCD screen and the future iPhone Plus (2018) could be accommodated in this market with the double SIM.

What is a dual sim?

So it seems that at least one of the three new iPhone 2018 models has the option of a dual SIM card. Two SIM cards in one device, what do you have?

You can use two telephone subscriptions on one iPhone. This is useful if you want to keep business and private life separate, without having to walk around with two devices. If you are abroad, you can also use a prepaid sim at the local rate in addition to your latest subscription. That is, moreover, especially useful outside the USA, because you have not had to deal with extra roaming costs since last year.

Double SIM in the next iPhone

A more niche market can be found in professionals who need to be permanently connected to their workplace without interfering in their personal lives. This could be quite useful to avoid having to use (or carry) two phones. Also to those who usually frequently travel to other countries and need a SIM card from the territory where they are prompt.

The tracks that offer the reference to the double SIM has been found by the developer Guilherme Rambo in 9to5Mac, where it is not the first time that it “gutted” the source code of an operating system to find new features in the next Apple devices.

Specifically, the options you recently found referred to “a dual SIM device” or “second SIM status.” Obvious signs that, Californians are preparing one (or ones) device with the capacity to house a double SIM.

Directions dual sim iOS 12

In the code of iOS 12 beta 5, clear indications can be found for the arrival of dual sim to the iPhone. The system that generates diagnostic reports contains references to a ‘second Sim Status’ and a ‘second Sim Tray Status.’ Elsewhere in the system, there is the talk of a ‘Dual Sim Device.’ On the pictures online you can see the references.

It is true that we have also been hearing rumors about the elimination of an Apple SIM incorporated in the new iPhone, reducing mobile parts that would improve the tightness of the terminals in addition to offering many advantages when hiring a phone number or change rates from the proper iOS setting.

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