If you love to do cycling then you be must be aware of Lumos Helmet Bicycling Helmet! Many professional or casual bikers would like to have it. It adds to your style as well as provide safety for you at nights while cycling. One of the big reasons why people are using this helmet is because any other vehicle can easily watch you bicycling in dark areas.

What’s the Issue with Lumous Bicycle Helmets?

As per specific user’s reviews about their experience with using Lumous Bicycle helmet, ‘it’s the bit annoying to control Lumous helmet during a ride’. By the way, they are right. Especially in between high traffic if you want to control this helmet, then you need to find the best place to stop and control it further.
The same is not the case only with the Lumous. You can also try similar helmets from other brands having same functionalities and features. All in all, you will experience the same issue.

How has the Problem Been Solved?

Good news to such guys! Recently Lumous came up with the solution to the same! Yes, you can now control your Lumous helmet using you apple smartwatch. It will go to add convenience to your daily biking experience at nights.
Apple watch can sync with the signaling technology of Lumos Bicycle Helmets. This functionality has been introduced by the Lumous in association with iOS. You can download and install the latest firmware upgrade for iOS devices like iPhones and Apple Smartwatch.

IOS Gets Control over the Lumous Bicycle Helmet 3The best part is you can also control any existing models of Lumous helmets for cycling available in the market with your Apple watch.

As per the official sources of Lumous; they are offering the most significant software update and new features for their products than they ever had. Enjoy the same experience of using a bicycle helmet that is well build to hard brake, integrates stylish lights and using turn signals with something new as a complete package.

How does it Work?

As per its latest features, you can now enjoy the ability to control the turn signals on Lumos helmets for cycling those will be “Gesture Activated”. Lumous has incorporated the gesture control algorithms in its new App. Considering its use in Apple watch is very handy.

This technology can now sense your hand activities. As an example, once you will give a hand signal for a turn, your Apple watch can detect your gesture. It then activates a command for the Lumous helmet you are wearing to enable the turn signals.

Now you do not need to stop anywhere to access your Lumous helmet. Just turn the helmet on and go for the ride. The Lumos App on your Apple watch can continuously detect and record your riding activity.

After completion of a bicycle ride, you can check specific information related to your riding. It has been recorded and uploaded by Apple watch or iPhone on your Apple Health account or Strava. Get more details at the Official website of the Lumous.

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