How’s the 2018 New Gmail’s Facelift Version? 7

If you have a Gmail account, then you’ll soon get a facelift version of the same with its next update. This new update will comprise all the recent features those are available in the inbox at present. Such as the ability to snooze emails and smart replies. It will incorporate the Google’s new bubble design as well as material design.

With the new update, your Gmail account will get up to date with the latest Google’s design language. You will access various Google apps such as Keep, Calendar from the plugins sidebar of Gmail.

Google will include refreshing tasks for a group of people. You can maintain your daily goals by creating a To-Do list directly from the Gmail window. More interesting fact is you’ll get the same tasks feature in the Gmail but with a revamped new user interface.

How’s the 2018 New Gmail’s Facelift Version? 8What’s New in the Upcoming Gmail Update?

Google with this new update is trying to save time for Gmail users. Since now you do not need to leave your inbox, and everything is available on the single webpage. From a productivity viewpoint updated Gmail plugins are worth to use and increase the chances to use Stuff like Chromebook.

What’s exciting to know about the upcoming Gmail facelift version is that you have three different options of layouts to choose from:

  1. Default Layout – You can see the type of attachment included in an email. It is comprising stuff like slides, images, spreadsheets or documents, directly from your inbox account.
  2. Comfortable Layout – In this version, you can see only a paperclip icon while composing a mail message. It will indicate an attachment.
  3. Compact Layout – It is much similar in look with the comfortable layout. The only difference to note is there is less vertical whitespace in this Layout.

How’s the 2018 New Gmail’s Facelift Version? 9

Importance of Updating Gmail

It is a common fact that many Google users do like the older version of their Gmail accounts. However, it is sad to say they are at risk! An old Gmail app is vulnerable to security threats, and the mail messages are not secure enough.

Also, you’ll not get the best the Gmail is offering currently. It might happen that while using an outdated Gmail, you might experience slower mailing of the messages. And of course, you are not aware of the new formatting and email blocking options.

So it’s recommended for all the Google account holders to update their Gmail whenever you get the notification about the same on a regular basis. It’ll not only keep you updated, gives new user experience and security but you can also live up to the current needs and features of Gmail.

There is not an official declaration about the exact date when the new Google update will be going to launch. However, Google will soon provide the beta channel to its users in the months to come. Rumors about the same are on their way, but ultimately we are expecting something impressive with Gmail. Hope to get some updated news on it in the coming month of May at Google I/O.

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