how to keep your laptop cool while gaming

It is always a better experience to play games on the dedicated Gaming consoles that have been designed, especially for the same purpose. But over the last decade, there is much advancement in the field of personal computers. Now you can find specialized gaming laptops available in the market within a range of budgetary price.

So, we might though instead of buying separate Gaming consoles, why not go for Gaming Laptops that can do our other tasks as well! Well, both are having their advantages and demerits to decide which one would be a better choice for us as a Gamer!

Overheating Computer Machines: A Common Problem

In reality, most of us are playing games on our Laptops without knowing about whether they can take the load of massive games or are just typical machines! Whatever is the case, one thing is common among both of them.

It is a problem of overheating after some time of continuous Gameplay! You might already have seen many posts on the topic –“How to keep your laptop cool while gaming?” on the internet.

For many people, their content is bit techy or take a lot of time to solve the matter. However, in this post, you will come to know basic tricks to avoid the issue of overheating Laptop up to a great extent.

The main reason behind the high-temperature bodies of Laptops is due to the presence of high-performance CPU and powerful GPU. In gaming machines, these two units work concurrently while playing a game.

It is very much necessary to take proper precautions or follow specific methods to cool down your Laptop while in action. Off course, you will never like to stop playing your favorite game; neither do you want to burn any part of your hand due to the same reason!

5 DIY Tricks to Ensure your Laptop is Cooling Well

Hence, under such a situation, you can do 5 DIY checkups mentioned below. These are the primary solutions to overheating problems of a Personal Computer;

1) Optimally using the Internal Cooling System of the Laptop

Internal Cooling System of the Laptop

It can be done by proper placement of the PC. Hence, the first and most important trick to avoid overheating your Laptop is to place it on a flat, stable surface. It is essential because there are certain grills present on sides or on beneath the hardware of the Laptop.

The primary purpose of such air holes is to dissipate internal heat via fans to outside and let the hardware to cool as much as possible while in action. So, if a user will keep the Laptop on a lap or any soft surface, then the chances are some or all of such grill holes will get blocked. And the result of such activity might be more harmful to the internal components of the computer!

2) Regular Cleaning of Air Vents

Regular Cleaning of Air Vents

Since we have discussed the air grills. So the next important thing to check and take care of is to check and clean them regularly. You might notice the fact that air grills are of small sizes even sometimes covered with metal mesh.

In such a case, there are higher chances that the dust and debris particles will get settled on its little pores. It will be higher if the Laptop has not been used or for a long time. The best practice is to use a portable vacuum cleaner; dusting can, soft brush, etc. to clean those holes without leaving any adverse effect on anything!

3) Adding an Outer Cooling System for the Laptop

Adding an Outer Cooling System for the LaptopYou might already have an idea about it! Well, if you haven’t till now then, it can be done by installing an external cooling pad on a flat surface beneath to where the Laptop has been placed.

If we consider the fact that you are using the machine for Gaming purpose, then it is recommended to use a cooling pad that consists of 4 to 5 cooling fans in it. Hence, it can be used to aid the work of the internal cooling fans present inside the computer and thus extend the life of your computer.

Not just this, using a cooling pad can also help you to place your hands on the body of a Laptop for a long time while gaming. Due to the reason that there will be less possibility of heat shock from the air coming out of side grills or so.

Outer cooling fans are also helpful in summers and keep your battery saver from any damage. By the way, you need to make sure to use your Laptop under shade to avoid direct sun lights or so. For more idea check here.

4) Less Overload on Hardware Components

Less Overload on Hardware Components

As much as possible try to set the graphics resolution of a particular Game within the limit as required. It is best to avoid using external GPU’s and use the habit of playing games on the available Display resolution of the Laptop.

A low-end GPU or CPU while using with modern games would also be a reason behind overheating. You can also regulate the power management of the processor through the advanced settings.

A good habit is to run your laptop at Power saving mode. It can not only avoid high power consumption but also decrease the rate of increase in the overall temperature of your machine hardware. So the reason why gaming laptops are specially designed to manage this need.

5) Regular Checking and Replacement of Faulty Fans

Regular Checking and Replacement of Faulty Fans

You might be currently reading this post on your Laptop but might not sure about whether all the internal fans in it are working correctly or not! Have you ever checked your system for this? If yes then you are a responsible Guy else, it is the time for you to realize your responsibility towards your computer.

Yes, modern Laptops are loaded with high-end specifications. They have more than one internal fans to do them justice when required, but even a single faulty or damaged fan can add significant risk to the life of your PC. So, after every interval of some days, you have to notice the behavior of every fan in your Laptop.

You can take the help of your ear to hear any constant humming, grinding or rattling noise via air grills present on the computer. All in all, you need to make sure that the internal cooling system should not sit idle every time. You need to take care of such a thing, especially when you are playing a high-end game, and the system starts overheating.

If you are still not clear then you can read this for more idea. In case all the above methods do not work, then it is better to shut it down for some time before things get severe. If possible, never hesitate to meet the right Doctor (Professional technician) of Laptop who can take care of the issue and help you out!

But remember, never try to open the machine all on yourself to do modifications or give it a try to repair without having any idea about it. It is good to follow these Good habits while gaming to Be Safe, Enjoy Gaming on your Laptop!!!

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