Great Anniversary Gifts for Gadget-Loving Guys

Great Anniversary Gifts for Gadget-Loving GuysLet’s be honest, men often get the short straw when it comes to romantic occasions.

The fact of the matter is that most romantic occasions are aimed at women. Case in point: the most classic romantic anniversary gifts tend to be things like chocolate, wine, spa days and perfume. Likewise, Valentine’s Day is all about heart shaped balloons, rom-coms, teddy bears and flowers. The biggest culprits are weddings – which are filled with frilly cakes, color-coordinated dresses and romantic love songs.

Newsflash ladies: guys don’t like that stuff! I mean, maybe some of us enjoy it to some extent… But given the choice between a night in with a Rom Com or a game of Call of Duty and most of us would choose the latter. Only society dictates that we can’t admit that – because Call of Duty is ‘childish and violent’.

If you want to be a great girlfriend/fiancé/wife though, you can buck the trend and go against tradition. Next time you’re looking for anniversary gifts, you should consider things that he’d actually enjoy using. If he’s a guy who loves gadgets (and what guy doesn’t?) then you could consider one of these ideas instead of that tie, or those flowers…

Jawbone UP2

Great Anniversary Gifts for Gadget-Loving Guys 5The Jawbone UP2 is not the latest model but it’s more affordable than the 3 with all the features that most people want from a fitness tracker. It monitors sleep, steps and overall activity but has the appearance of a sleek wristband. Jewelry is traditional for anniversary gifts but this way you can appeal to his techie-side at the same time!

The Microsoft Band

Great Anniversary Gifts for Gadget-Loving Guys 6The Microsoft Band is a fitness tracker that’s also a great smartwatch. It’s cheaper than the Apple Watch (especially after a recent price drop) and much more focused on fitness thanks to a 24-hour heartrate monitor. Better yet, the Microsoft Band works with any smartphone, rather than forcing you to stick with iPhone.

360 Omni Vibration Speakers

If your man is the kind who loves showing off novel gadgets to his friends, then he’s bound to like the 360 Omni Vibration Speakers. This small device can be placed on any surface and will then force it to vibrate, turning it into the speaker! It’s a neat party trick but it’s also actually quite useful for parties or camping.

Google Cardboard

Great Anniversary Gifts for Gadget-Loving Guys 7If you don’t like to spend lots of money on your anniversary gifts, then Google Cardboard might just be perfect. This is a virtual reality headset that won’t set you back more than $10. Why? Because it’s made of cardboard! It works by holding a smartphone in place and adding lenses to it while free software splits the screen into a stereoscopic 3D image that responds to head movements. It’s amazing as a piece of throwaway fun and will definitely win you brownie points!

The Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard

Great Anniversary Gifts for Gadget-Loving Guys 8If your man is an executive type, then he might get a kick out of Microsoft’s new ‘Universal Folding Keyboard’. This is a smart keyboard that folds away to fit in a pocket and which can be used with any phone or laptop. It makes working on the tube a doddle and is great for showing off to friends!

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