'Even H3 Wireless' Hands-On Review 4

With the advent of Artificial intelligence, new companies are creating new sound devices to suite different hearing needs after a basic hearing test. Equalization settings are getting overhyped in the new sound devices in the market today in order to create better music experience for customers. Even H2 earphone is a forerunner to the latest H3 model, both equally priced. It is “Ear-Print” enabled pair of an on-ears device with wood tinged and sleek metal looks. It works fairly well when tested on an app-powered hearing test and has an upright battery life. It does not only look super cool but also has all the features inbuilt which are required for a high-end hearing device.

Design / Build Quality

The design factor of the Even H3 Wireless is the prime reason, many are interested in Even H2 earphone. It has beautiful black or wood ear cups and brushed metal accents of your choice. The equalization off/on buttons, play/pause, volume, and 3.5mm port for wired listening is placed on the right earphone. However, these buttons turn around without cause and are disturbing. Even the buttons orientation is incorrect. But one gets used to this with daily wear. Small built quality concerns like this is a small concern to be noted. This does not anyways affect the durability or wearability of the device. The H3 device has a fit, plush, sturdy and comfortable ear cups and leather headband; so quality and comfort all are taken care of. For its price bracket, it comes with a good hard case protection on the move. It can easily be classified as value for money.

'Even H3 Wireless' Hands-On Review 5

Similar to the H2 earphone model, Even H3 sound is nearly identical for its warm and identical midrange. The equalization can also be set by using the company’s EarPrint app which is easily downloadable. Various sounds are audible on both sides of the headphones.

The Even H3 sound with ear print correction is suitable for those with hearing difficulties or loss, for those who knew that their hearing is odd that the normal hearing range. The earphone has more than twenty hours of battery life. It has a strong Bluetooth connection.

On the downside, the headphones rarely turn off when they get paired and when music wasn’t playing. This disturbs us with a blast of sound from our mobile phone speakers for a few seconds.

The Even H3 offers good appreciable features for its price tag of $150. But we are a fan of its previous model H2, which looks enhanced and cost the same. But in the stage of other competitors, Even H3 still makes a big hit in the AI enabled headphone target.

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