DREVO BladeMaster has something new and stirring for the Gaming enthusiasts or those who are planning for a high-end keyboard. It is powered by a 4000 mAh battery and supports Bluetooth 4.o. The keyword is offering eight different layouts for its users to be chosen as per the taste. The keyword has onboard memory and runs on cloud software. BladeMaster is entirely compatible with both MAC and PC systems.

An Outlook on the Features of BladeMaster

The new DREVO keyboard has many different vital features to impress anyone. A user will get a superior experience of typing in the same. The keyboard is wholly backlit with Cherry MX RGB Switches. It was made in Germany having options for Brown, Red, Speed Silver and Black color light.

The PRO version of the keyboard is available in space grey color and having cherry MX RGB, Input dial, 2.4 GHz 1000Hz wireless support, On-board memory, Cloud software, Radi RGB, Bluetooth, USB connectivity of 1000Hz, NKRO and DIP Switches.

DREVO BladeMaster: A High-End Gaming Keyboard with Programmable Knob 5The TE version of the Keyword is available in Black color and having GATERON, Input dial, On-board memory, NKRO, Radi RGB, USB connectivity of 1000Hz, Cloud software, and DIP Switches.

You can use the keyboard in three different modes as 2.4 GHz Wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 and wired USB by switching from one to another quickly. The company is sure that BladeMaster PRO keyboard is offering a fastest wireless gaming experience to its user than ever before. A gamer can enjoy far better response time, i.e., 1ms/1000Hz report rate by using the PRO version of the keyboard in 2.4Ghz wireless mode.

How’s the Performance?

The performance of the BLadeMaster has already been tested with the keyboard lovers and gamers by the company’s forum based team.  After having R&D for about 14 months with thousands of users, the company is pleased with its product. Manufacturers are confident enough to state that it is an ultimate gaming keyboard.

DREVO BladeMaster: A High-End Gaming Keyboard with Programmable Knob 6While designing the makers had worked on each expects to incorporate the most significant tech innovations. BladeMaster PRO is based on latest trends. The keyboard has an excellent productivity tool offering support to batcha in macro via software. Users can also connect three devices with it at the same tie and switch between them in ultra-fast speed.

Among the most exciting stuff available on the keyword to attract anyone, it has Raid RGB with 16.8M colors. A programmable genius knob can be used to control via software completely. It is similar to 4 extra touch-typing keys. The keyboard has been designed and made for universal usage.

It will work in any environment either you are in office or home. After having some practice to use all the features of it, you can do programming, Gaming, Office work without much effort. It features are helpful in increasing users productivity, efficiency, with far better experience of using a Keyword.

Kickstarter recently released DREVO’s wireless keyword with the hope to raise $20,000 as least need for its commercial production. You get complete idea on DREVO BladeMaster, on its official site. The keyboard is currently available in two different versions namely BladeMaster TE and BladeMaster PRO.

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