Completely Erase Your Confidential Data Before Selling Computer 7

We can’t sleep the night properly after selling an old Laptop or a computer by thinking only one thing. It is not about its resale price but whether the internal data is completely removed or not! Very few people those who are well aware of the expertise of hardware and software of a computer system knows that the deleted data can be recovered.

Hence, to completely remove the system’s data, you need to format the same. However, still in this technological world where many genius hacking tricks are there. So it is pretty obvious to think does our system is empty or there is a risk?

Well, to answer this question Gareth Owen has prepared a new USB device known as RedKey in the UK. You need to plug this USB device on your system. It will erase all the data from your system when you finally planned to sell it or pass on its ownership to anyone else. Its uses efficient technique to remove all the general and confidential data like passwords, critical files, etc.

Completely Erase Your Confidential Data Before Selling Computer 8

It removes all the tension of an owner once it’s final that the old computer system should be replaced. Not limited to this you can also use it to clean your PC before you re-installed another operating system. It is also a powerful tool for the businesses to redeploy their internal computer systems.

How It Works!

This custom made USB stick contains bespoke software that is built in it. On plugin on the system, it will start and instruct you on how to use it stepwise. Its software is based on Linux and, it initiates an automatic sequence to proceed the deletion of all the System’s data.

Imagine the data in a computer hard drive is stored in a collection of pieces of information. Each information piece is like a switch of the light. So the data is saved as a row of light switches. What RedKey does is it turns off all the switches all at once. So it would be not possible to know which switch was on or off before!

Any Limitations?

No limitations are there, and it can be re-used again and again. This makes it suitable for both professional and home usage. You can use it to wipe out the data of one or even hundreds of PCs; it will work on all with the same efficiency.

Completely Erase Your Confidential Data Before Selling Computer 9The only thing you need to take care of is no other external storage device should be connected to the PC on which you’ll be going to use the RedKey. Since it will erase the data from all the disk and drives it will found connected to the system while execution. To avoid any accident before the process starts there is a countdown timer of about 60 seconds. Enough to give you time to check and remove any external storage device connected to the system.

Few days before RedKey was pledged over Kickstarter and its already gaining a lot of traction. Help to raise the required sum of money required by its developer to actually produce the system. Soon we’ll be having a special USB device in our pockets. It can not only quickly format a computer system but also help us in keeping our data highly confidential actually.

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