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Ever wondered while watching Ironman series wish you could also have a Jarvis Software same like Tony Stark. The responsive home screen, the voice response of Jarvis and its look. But, let me tell you one thing that could only happen in reel life because in real life, there’s no such technology that will do everything like Iron Man’s Jarvis computer can do. However, there are some that will do similar things.

This article is just an attempt to match the looks and some basic voice commands to give you a Jarvis like feel. You won’t be able to get all the Jarvis features like Iron Man had, but still, we are going to enhance your computer experience! And just imagine how your friends will react when you shut down your computer in front of them only by saying, wouldn’t it feel like an awesome thing.

Things needed for Jarvis Software Mission:


The whole process is a bit long, but once it’s done, you can freely communicate with your system and in some manner it will behave like Jarvis. The whole system can’t actually be called Jarvis software, because the look of Jarvis is supported by a theme and the voice commands are taken with the help of Windows Speech Recognition. Additional customized commands are configured with the help of Speech Recognition Macros.

This mission is applicable only for computers running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

Requirements for changing your system into Jarvis software:

  •  A Computer/Laptop with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. (XP or Vista won’t work)
  •  Microphone
  •  Speech Recognition Setup
    For this you must first have to understand some basic commands that your computer takes to execute certain actions.
  •  Rainmeter Software
    For making/customizing the Iron man theme.
  •  Iron Man theme pack
    For making your computer look like Jarvis computer.
  •  Windows Speech Recognition Macros
    A software that is provided by Microsoft through which you can add your own commands into the system.
  • Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater
    For updating the old look of your Windows Boot Screen.

It is a bit difficult to search all these things and download but if you want Jarvis computer, then you have to bear this pain.Change Your System Into Jarvis Software 5Step 1: Setting up of Windows Speech Recognition

The first and the basic step which we have to do. For executing the basic command just by speaking you have to configure Windows Speech Recognition. This Speech Recognition guides you through the commands and also train your computer to understand your voice better.


It will hardly take half an hour to complete this step. And Because of this, all the basic commands can be executed by you only by speaking!

Step 2: Installing Windows Speech Recognition Macros

After setting up of Windows Speech Recognition you are able to control your computer with your voice. But whenever you feel like stucking in it just say “What can I say?” and your system will show up the list of the commands and their consequences. It is termed as a voice command for PC.

Now time to install the Windows Speech Recognition Macros. After installation right click on its icon and you will receive some options. Then again Click on “New speech macro”.Change Your System Into Jarvis Software 6You will get a variety of options, like:


a. Insert Text: Suppose if you use Microsoft Word through Speech Recognition and don’t want to type your address again, you can set a specific phrase for your address and whenever you say that phrase, your address would be typed automatically.

b. Run a Program: This option allows you to execute any program, maybe your favorite game by just speaking!

c. Send Keystrokes: This option permits you to add phrases for different keystrokes like Ctrl+A.

d. Emulate Recognition: This is for the commands already supported by Windows Vista Speech Recognition.

e. Advanced: There are certain complex commands that we would like our Jarvis to do. However, this requires brief knowledge of XML.

Step 3: Final step, Install Jarvis Theme

Now, you are very close to the mission, install Rainmeter and Iron Man Theme. Rainmeter do’s the job of supporting your theme and providing it with a base.

Change your desktop Wallpaper. You will find some themes in the Rainmeter, choose any one of the themes and hide your desktop icons. Now Voila! Your system really looks like Jarvis now or the one like iron man computer!

You can even change the old crappy look of your boot screen by boot screen changer through which you can change the text as well as the animated Windows Logo.Change Your System Into Jarvis Software 7I hope you loved reading this article and you will also change your system into the Jarvis system because speaking to your computer just like you would communicate with a regular human being is an awesome thing.


If you get stuck between the process or have any doubt about this feel free to comment below and ask your questions.


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