Black and White Picture/Photo Challenge on FacebookSocial media is an entertainment platform for everyone. People post random kinds of stuff and tag each other on those. Some challenge accepted thing also goes from one person to another.

The previous year a lock screen challenge was on its way where people were posting their lock screen photos and challenging others to do the same. Like the same, past few months another challenge got viral – posting a black & white picture with a tag line “challenge accepted”Many of you had a curiosity to know how and what is this for and how people are doing this, well the answer is that this kind of random things is not started Facebook…….

….. Actually, it is started by one person for fun to another one, and this way it goes viral.

Facebook users post their black and white profile pictures with the tagline ” challenge excepted” in the same manner as they post their profile picture.

If any of your friend tag you in this challenge you will get notified about it and others who got tagged will post their own black and white picture with a tag line “Challenge accepted” and they too will tag other friends on this.

You can also simply do it by posting your own black and white picture with message “challenge accepted” and tag any of your friends in that.

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