Almost all the top smartphone manufacturers all over are using Android as the core operating system in their models. Hence, the worldwide mobile users are familiar with it, but on the other hand, if we talk about the PC, then Windows is the most popular OS. So, it is a quite common fact that a windows habitat user cannot prefer to work on a mobile’s Android system.

However, on the other hand, it is not the right choice to buy a smartphone with having windows operating system due to less number of Apps in its store. Also, the options of different available well-featured handset models are minimal as of now in the market.

So, the best solution is to use the best windows launcher for android phone! It is a software program that can convert an android system’s skin to look and behave almost like a Windows phone.

It would be an excellent trick to enjoy the feel of using Windows on your old Android-based mobile. Even Microsoft has nearly all or more apps on Google play to add full effect!

What makes a Windows Launcher Program Highly Useful?

Windows or Microsoft launcher is a program that can turn the android setup experience of mobile into a mix of Windows and Android one. The first thing that has been changed is the home screen.

A launcher consists of all the tools for customizing the smart phone’s Theme, shortcut menus, and many more. Additionally, a user can get Bing search, priority placement of Microsoft apps, and access to Cortana. A user can run certain items like notes, news, tasks, etc. quickly as well.

Hence, a launcher program can give a completely new and unique look to the User Interface of your smartphone. The primary purpose is to change the Looks, Color, and Menus that are seen on Front End of a mobile.

Not only this a Launcher App gives extra benefit to the user for changing the Wallpaper, and Theme of their smartphones. Hence, a user can experience something new with their mobiles every day.

You can pick one among a list of hundreds of windows launchers available on the Play store. Such programs can be downloaded and installed very quickly in any Android-based smartphone.

A user can uninstall the Windows Launcher App as and when required by a single touch. Thus, you can get back to taste the feeling of accessing an Android ecosystem in a smartphone.

A smartphone has a default launcher inbuilt. It has been set up after a mutual effort of both cellular service provider and the manufacturer of the phone itself. A user can check it under settings option of the phone.

Best Windows Launcher for Android Smartphones (Updated 2019)

Following are some of the useful apps that you can download and install from Google Play store. By using one anyone can enjoy the same Windows-like user experience on an Android-based smartphone;

Nova Launcher

Get the complete feel of windows 10 theme like user interface on your smartphone. You can set and customize icons, Wallpaper, and widgets as per your need.

Windows 10

It gives almost the same the experience of using windows 10 in a smaller mobile screen. Especially the look of stylish tiles and Apps. A user can choose from a good set of colors available to customize the UI.

8.1 Metro Look Launcher

As the name implies, it can change the GUI of an Android smartphone to that of Windows 8.1. An App tray is available towards the left side. It offers fully customizable themes. An interesting thing about this launcher is the fact that it consumes the minimum battery of a mobile.

Launcher 8 WP Style

It gives almost the same look and feel of Windows 8.1. You can change icon and their size. Choose an image to be set as Wallpaper with settings, and many more.

Launcher 10

If you like your smart phone’s UI to look like windows 10, then this is the one that you should give a try. It comes with a complete set of options and features to customize the Theme, live tiles, notifications, and so on. For more details and some other good Windows Launchers check out this.

How to Enhance User Experience from a Windows Launcher?

You can download a Microsoft’s Phone Companion App and install it on your Android phone. Just follow some directions of the App that can help you ultimately link your mobile with the PC. One important thing here is that your computer must also have a Compatible App downloaded and installed in it.

After successful linkup, a user can access photos, documents, or other files on PC that have been stored in the phone. It also allows a user to send and receive text messages directly from a PC. You can mirror the screen of your phone within windows, and view/manage mobile notifications.

Also, to get the complete experience of using a Windows phone, you can download and install Microsoft Edge. It surely gives you a feel of browsing the internet in a Microsoft based environment.

Hence, a significant advantage of doing this is it can help a user to connect a Microsoft based PC to an Android-based smartphone easily. Thus, in case you are working on a PC on any document or searching a website, then y0our mobile can also detect the recent computer-based activities.

Finally, you can add OneDrive App to your android phone with having a Windows launcher in action. It is suggested to store the documents or files on the same App that can be synced to any other Microsoft based system.

This post will also be helpful for many of you who are using or planning to buy Windows smartphones, but still, something is there that resists you to do it! Also, with the help of Microsoft’s Windows Launcher, you can have everything in your hand like you ever think.

Yes, the best option for you guys is to pick a suitable Android phone that can suits you the best and install the best Windows launcher in it. Finally, you will end up with a particular smartphone in hand. A mobile that looks like a phone from Microsoft from frontend but has the power of Android in its backend.

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