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The gaming community has evolved a lot in the past few years. Both PC and mobile gaming have surpassed all previous records. Currently, many smartphone companies try their best to launch a killer smartphone in which one can have excellent gaming experience.

If you ever look closely to any smartphone reviewer who happens to test the gaming quality, then you will always find him playing some online or offline car racing games.

Ask yourself if ever had to chance to play games in PC or mobile, you will have thought about installing some car racing games. So in this, we will be discussing some of the best offline racing games available over android.

Top Rated 7 offline racing games for Android

1. Clash For Speed

I would easily rate this on top due to its uniqueness and is also evaluated on top for best offline games. Let’s read what the users say about this game.

I’ve been playing for a week. One of the best racing game so far. I love the face pace game, the graphics, also the track builder. Meanwhile, the downside is the racing progress, and there is no indication if you want to unlock new items (such as Cars, Modifications, & weapons). You have to win racing then randomly unlock new items. Also, a bit lagging while I play for a long time. This game is so potential. Can’t wait for the next update.

Omg, this is the best hell of A game it is so epic This is the best game racing android offline ever I never knew there was A game like this it’s so cool.

2. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Who doesn’t knows about Asphalt racing games, they are most addictive and widely played offline android racing games in the play store. Some of the reviews from the gamers.

The best asphalt game ever. The replay value is through the roof fun. I can’t mention a moment where my heart wasn’t pumping racing other cars in new races. The music is fantastic and inspired me to make my very own Asphalt 8: Airborne playlist. I work hard for my credits, never once I.A.P. for my credits or tokens (which I probably will at some point… maybe). I love the new showdown event. It should be incorporated into the campaign season or multiplayer. Keep up the great work.

Great game, although it contains some not so reasonable in-app purchases, you don’t have to rely on them. As long as you can make plans along the way to save your credits and tokens (which are earnable unlike most games), you will do great. The constant updating, easy to connect online content and events keep this game fresh. Coming from someone who doesn’t like racing games at all, this is all you need in terms of gaming on a smartphone, utilizing strategy, an arcade style, and action.

3. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Another fantastic and most liked android racing game from Asphalt series. Lets read some reviews of it.

Another Awesome Asphalt Racing Game played with a controller for perfect drifts and mad cornering with the analog sticks, even buttons or triggers depending what gamepad you’re using makes this game hard to beat and other Asphalt games only beat it. This dev team has a racing game engine for mobile devices down pat, a(Burnout Inspired) Racing game with AAA quality, especially when running on a 5.5″ 2K AMOLED Moto Z Force, highest graphics settings look damn fabulous.

Great game at first I was confused is asphalt Xtreme offline or not since I have a bad connection, but luckily it was… Very indulging, and the gameplay is intense… Tracks are mind-blowing, and this game offers a breath of fresh air from standardized format of racing games… the playlist is also impressive as it caters to the different mood while racing… some races are adrenaline pumping… Just a small suggestion – A special event of a cop car (muscle) knocking down other competitors would be great… Event winner will get the cop car Blue Prints… ✌️🤘👍

4. CSR Racing 2

If you are into drag racing, then you should try this racing offline game. Lets read some real reviews of it.

Great game, great graphics, fun if you enjoy racing games. Still, some bugs though as sound often stop working during a session. To fix, I have to go to settings, click on “support,” then go back to the game. This fixes the sound for a while until the next time it goes silent. Also often disconnects in “live” races, but that may be internet connections. Five stars once these are fixed. Overall, a great game. Thanks.

Pretty much the best game overall that I have ever played. The graphics are amazing, and it has many different cars and many different levels for beginners intermediate to Advanced. Money can come in handy, but this is not a pay-to-play game. I am on level 110 and have not spent but $3 this entire time. Every time there has been a small glitch what problem with the game, it is fixed quickly, and customer service is another five-star rating! I love it, and I will tell everybody to download

5. Drag Racing

Drag Racing is the classic nitro-fuelled racing game for Android! Race, Tune, Upgrade, and Customize 50+ real licensed cars from the world’s hottest car manufacturers.

This game is pretty impressive, and you earn more money as you level up, it’s straightforward to make money in this game if you know what you’re doing. I bought a Trans am for 29k kept it at level 3 and ran 10.3 quarters consistently and on level 3 only gtrs and gtos can beat me and because I built my car right I had a win percentage of 95%+…… if you can make a high-speed car on lower levels this game is enjoyable

Great game. I have been playing this game for a long time and have enjoyed every minute of it. I do think that if there were a Hot Rod update for it would be surprising that included a range of cars and tournaments to add even more variety to the game.

6. GT Racing 2

This racing game certainly has the potential to be in top charts, but it’s underrated and not as popular as the Asphalt series.

I like the environment of this game, hands down for that. Excellent soundtrack and many license cars. The sounds of each engine cars are all looks sporty that’s very nice. However, all look the same sounds and add more cars. And sometimes when I play it suddenly my car fast forward with no reason, it’s bugged. However, I still like this game; it’s like an arcade with a simulation style.

Great racing game, real cars, both new and vintage, the right balance between simulation and arcade. Technically superior, graphics, sounds… A bit too hungry for cash, though, so be prepared to grind for hundreds of hours if you don’t want to spend real money. And, yeah, a lot of cheaters exploiting glitches in tracks (“shortcuts”) and getting 50 seconds lap times seem to ruin it for everybody. Apart from that, an excellent overall gaming experience.

At last. Yippee. Gameloft, you are great. You have finally fixed all the flaws in this game. I give you five stars now cos you have given me my interior view on my high-end Blackview P2. All now works a treat. Thank you, Gameloft. I think this might be the best racing game on Android. Flawless graphics, silky smooth framerate. Excellent gameplay. Definitely up there in the top 5 for sure. Good work.

7. Racing Horizon

It used to be called “Horizon Race” earlier, but recently the name has changed. This game makes addiction to racing game lovers.

Best game ever I don’t doubt it it’s excellent and so many happy, healthy graphics it is like Avengers graphics it is the best like if you agree on fellas, it is game of the vast realm.

It does have a lot of negative comments too, but its worth a try.

Summing Up

I hope you would have found this list useful and maybe you are already trying the listed apps. Be sure to let us know if you liked any of the games from the list and if you think any other Android game can be included then feel free to leave a message or comment.

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