As we all know, Google Play Store is a hub of hundreds of gaming Apps of different genres. They include racing, brain twisters, shooting, kids, and many more in the list. Well, this article is based on the best mobile hunting games that are generally popular among users of nearly all age groups.

Since hunting on a new place not only adds excitement to every second of the Gameplay but also enhances the thrill and knowledge skills of a player. There are two main categories in hunting Apps available both on Android and iOS stores.

The first category of hunting game apps for Android mobile belongs to free roam hunting. A game in which a person explores new places hunt targeted preys, and take the help of certain apps to be safer or survive in a difficult time.

The second category is for animal hunting lovers. It does not mean that a player will shoot an animal in reality but virtually. And since we are living in the era of Artificial intelligence so we can expect something like it. For a list of top 5 free animal hunting mobile Apps, click here.

Why Deer Hunting Gaming App?

Among all the different types of animal hunting apps available for Android user’s people mostly prefer deer hunting games. Below are the reasons why deer hunting apps are a preferable choice of many hunting Gamers all over the world;

  • No particular season to hunt a deer.
  • Be prepared for everything.
  • A smart way to fulfill our need to hunt.
  • The thrill of hunting deer’s at safari with other animals.
  • Survival on wild nature
  • Update survival skills without being a prey of any wild animal.
  • Explore new environments without the need to travel.
  • No time waste.

Choose One from the Best Deer Hunting Game for Android!

best deer hunting game for android

Following are the 7 selected ones among the bunch of available options of best deer hunting game apps that you must download and try once;

Deer Hunt

It is one among the best mobile hunting game android apps available in the Play store only for Deer hunting. A user needs to keep an eye on the prey and plan for a right shot. It allows easy to use user interface and controls.

Wildlife Snowfall Jungle Red Deer Shooting HD

It offers a realistic environment to hunt a deer with fantastic sound effects. Overall it adds more thrills during Gameplay. You need to take a right-shot only to get a deer down.

Deer Hunter 2018

You can own and customize several firearms to add trophies on your part. It has exciting graphics and might take your real money as well to continue towards higher levels.

Jungle Deer Hunting Sniper Shooter

You can be a prey of a deer here! So while hunting, you need to take care of yourself. There are some bystanders in the area as well with deer. Hence, a wrong shot will penalize your score. By the way, you can select a sniper of your choice for the job.


It has many useful features for a hunter. It allows users to customize a map by adding roads and trails, locations marker, or mapping of a specific area of choice. It also tracks weather, solunar cycles, and motion of the wind. It can be said as all in one App for planning a hunt.

Deer Hunting

In this game, you are not the only guy who is hunting the Beer. There are lions, and other predators nearby. However, you can shoot them as well. You can shot while moving as well like any shooting game by picking from a good collection of guns.

Shot Simulator

It is a simulator that can help a new hunter to learn and practice to develop better skills. A user needs to shot on an animated beer from different angles then further analyze it to improve the next one.

After a right shot, the deer will be down. Further, you can check the exact location on the body about which organ was damaged, time to death, blood loss, and much more. For more deer hunting android apps, check this out.

Useful Free Roam Hunting Games of Android in 2019

free roam hunting games

At the time of a free-roam hunting a guy can use following Android Apps as an excellent choice to have installed in the smartphone;

SAS Survival Guide

It consists of plenty of information for a free-roam hunter. First of all, it has the whole book of the same name of ‘Lofty’ Wisemans. Also, it includes some videos based on essential topics. There are some informative guides on knots, poisonous plants, first aid, and animal tracks.


You can explore topo’s, roads and aerial photography of an area while roaming for hunting in a new place. Get the information about waterfowl and downwind side. It also consists of precipitation, cloud cover, barometric pressure, and weather-related data to serve a user. The maps can be used without network connection as well.

onX Hunt

It can be said as a simple mapping tool. A user can see topographic lines on aerial photos. The best part is a new hunter can mark waypoints while navigation to get an idea about the direction to move in an area. You can create, upload, and save a map to use it even offline in an emergency.

Also, there are two more effective free roam hunting apps for Android mobiles to check once before installing one. They are AccuWeather that gives live updates of the weather forecast of a specific region, and Powderhook.

The second one is like a social network App, especially for hunters. Since it can help a new hunter to connect with other experienced ones and they can contact each other as and when required.

By the way, Are you a gamer and didn’t try anyone among hundreds of similar hunting game apps? If yes, then you will not either hate them as well if you like shooting or searching something new. For more Apps details, check here.

There are some plus sides of playing an Andriod Hunting game. It would be, the excitement of hunting on new grounds while getting the help of weather forecast, partners, and survival aids. Again, one thing is worth to keep in mind here, and everything is fake! You are not harming anyone, not even get hurt by someone at any point of time in reality!

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