Instagram, for businesses, their primary aim is to get free likes on the Instagram app for promoting their products and services. It also helps newbies to enhance their brand awareness in front of their vast number of target people.

By the way, we are discussing here a popular social media platform. After Facebook, if we talk about the most popular and engaging social media platform, then it is Instagram. All because it has more than a billion active users all over the globe.

If you have a newly created Instagram account, then check this post. To grow your account followers organically, it might take some months, years or even more to gain enough amount of audiences for your posts. Unfortunately, many people got fed up after realizing no fast advancement on the number of followers on their accounts.

Many people stop giving any more efforts in enhancing their social media reach on popular platforms like Instagram. However, it is the wrong decision! You should never quit if you have a strong belief. Otherwise, it is wiser to take the help of some best Instagram followers Apps to save your time, effort, and stress.

What’s the Problem in Gaining Followers for an Instagram Account?

free instagram followers app

It is straightforward to create an account on Instagram, but it is somehow tough to build audiences in less time possible. Businesses are spending lots of time and money in creating appealing posts, images, and videos. Click here  to check what all Apps are popular to gain likes on Instagram posts.

By the way, it is one among the need of today’s competitive world as well. You can get some tips on how to build up your content for today’s audience here. Some bots to manage Instagram activities are also available in the market. They can lift the number of your followers in a few minutes, but it is not correct if you are planning for the long run!

Hence, a good idea for businesses is to get Instagram followers apps on smartphones. They can help them to uplift free likes on the Instagram app and boost genuine followers without any harm. Check this  free Instagram followers apps on how to maintain your Instagram audience!

However, many people do check the Google Play Store or Apple store without any proper analysis about the right App to install. It takes both time and effort in downloading and using different Apps to find the best one. A fancy app comes with an appealing description to entice their first-time users! So beware!!!

5 Best Instagram Followers Apps to Try

free instagram followers app

To make it both easier and time saver for you following are some selected ones among a big list of best Instagram followers Apps for smartphones. You can try them to gain Instagram Followers like this without any hassle:


It is available for both Android and iOS-based devices. Crowdfire helps you to suggest the best ideas for creating the right posts. Also, it tells about the right time to publish them publicly to get more views for them and hence likes as rewards. A user can check who all have unfollowed or are being inactive from a long time among the list of account followers.

Followers Chief

At present, the App is exclusively available on Google Play but has gained much positive ratings and reviews from its users. Followers Chief is a smart mobile application to get Instagram followers app. It also keeps tracking your account analytics and finds out to unfollow all the undesired followers that are of no use for you.

Using the dashboard, you will get an idea about the number of likes that you are getting on your past posts. Hence, with the help of these data and useful tips, it can help you to compose the right content for your audience.

Followers Pumper

As the name implies, Follower Pumper can pumps up your posts on Instagram, so after publishing you will get more views and likes for them. All in all, it can help you to make relevant content for a group of the target audience.

It is possible by keeping track of trending hashtags on Instagram and further help you to use them as required. And if you are in social media, you may already have enough idea about the power of hashtags to gain more insights.

Followers Insight

It is a simple tool for gaining followers on your Instagram account. Followers Insight can track all the new followers and their activity. Hence, you can come to know which all are of your published posts that they are viewing and giving likes. You do not need to pay for using any of its features as a great App to grow an Instagram account. It can be downloaded from both Android and iOS App stores.


With an impressive Google Play rating of 4.6 Fan Genre is also an exclusive Android App. It can help you to push some more accounts in your list of followers. It gives you tips and tricks on using the right hashtag with a particular photo that you are going to post. As a result, you can enhance your chances to get real followers for your account. It is possible only after having real views, comments, and likes on your Instagram posts.

If you are itself or know someone new on Instagram, then click here to access some suggestions on How to Manage your Instagram Account? And to compose some better posts to increase their visibility you can check this out.

You might also be in search of a compelling tool to surpass your competitors. Businesses are aiming to gain maximum Instagram followers as their target audiences. However, never depend only on promotional videos or websites to ask your viewers to follow and give likes on your Instagram posts.

Remember one thing it is tough but not impossible. You can gain some followers organically by using these free instagram followers app. Quality content with proper strategy can increase your chances to achieve more followers and likes on Instagram!

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