Online games about farms have become very popular in recent years, and people from all over the world love to play. The basic idea of online farm games is to manage your farm and take care of every little thing: harvesting, selling a product, buying what you need, and much more.

How it all began

The growing popularity of online farm games began with the famous Farmville in 2009. Farmville started its game on Facebook and gained fame as one of the first Facebook games created in the world. Playing online with your friends and the fact that this game was very interactive made Farmville very famous and loved by many people. This game was the foundation of the whole farm genre and is the prototype of many subsequent farmer games.

What are the best farm games online?

These are some of the best that you can play on your mobile devices:

Farm Story 2

Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon 7In this beautiful game, you will have an adventure in a magical world full of butterflies, ponds, rivers, and birds. You get surrounded by cute and friendly animals, cows, colorful crop fields, and fresh ingredients to prepare food for you and your friends. You can save your adventures with a colorful Scrapbook that will fill as you progress through the game. Farm Story 2 is among the best farming games like Harvest Moon for mobile devices; it has impressive and colorful graphics, intuitive controls, and is a very addictive game.

Family Farm Seaside

Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon 8Family Farm Seaside is a funny and fun game that will keep you busy for hours! It imitates life on a farm and has stunning graphics and beautiful animation. Simple game controls allow any player to start the game in an instant without the need for complicated manuals or lengthy explanations. The game is entirely free and will lead you into a beautiful agricultural adventure. You will plant, harvest, process food, complete missions, and invite your friends to play as your neighbors.

Farmville 2: Country Escape

Best Farming Games Like Harvest Moon 9Farmville 2, the sequel to the original Farmville 2009 is a great game and is sequel-worthy of such a favorite game. You can set up your farm for wonderful rural life, collect hidden objects, pick up and raise a lot of adorable animals, and have a lovely farming experience.

Although on the surface, a game that revolves around planting and harvesting may seem simple on the surface, the game has many depths and hidden paths that can move forward to advance. For example, it starts with a basic set of tools, but if you collect enough ore, you can upgrade your machines and complete your tasks (for example, dig and water) twice as fast. Also, from time to time, when you go to the city, several possible girls can become your wife if you choose the right actions. This gives the game a massive amount of repetition since you want to explore all the possible events.

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