One of the best things about Android OS is that almost every application is customizable. From personalized theme backgrounds to customized messaging applications, even the dialer apps can now be downloaded. If you already feel bored with your standard dialer app, there are new ones available that can be found on the Google Store. This 2018, level up your dialer apps to have a wholly unique experience. Leave the old one behind and enjoy these new dialer apps that are now ready for download.


best dialer app for android

Just like the standard dialer app for Android phones, ExDialer features a smooth and straightforward interface that is easy to manage. But unlike the standard app, it has extra features that make it a user-friendly one. It has additional themes if you don’t want your dialer to look dull and plug-ins like GeoCoder—which displays the location of the caller. There is also an option wherein you can enable the vibration in connecting and disconnecting calls. And of course, a one-touch gesture for messaging and calling.

Simpler Dialer

best android dialer apps

From its name, you can already tell what to expect from this app. But don’t be deceived, it has an interface same as the regular dialer that hides its protective features. This app can block calls and has a group messaging feature. The contacts are well-managed and have an impressive merging, syncing, and duplicate finding. There is also an online and offline backup for contacts. Lastly, there are also add-on features like Smart T9 Dialer and Smart Clean-up.

RocketDial Dialer

best phone dialer for android

RocketDial Dialer is one of the oldest Android dialer apps but continuous when it comes to upgrading. It may remind you of your old dialer because of its minimalistic and dark user interface which is easy to navigate. RocketDial also comes with excellent features that can be good for quicker access and organization. It has more additional features like one-touch navigation and restoration, caller ID and In-Call note taking, confirm calls and quick search, and management of the group.

ZenUI Dialer

best dialer app for android 2018

If you are an ASUS user, then you probably saw the ZenUI app already. The good news is that this app is also available in any smartphone brand you are using. Just like any other app, it features a simple interface. It organizes your call logs which makes it easier for you to locate. What makes ZenUI a remarkable dialer app is that it has a built-in feature which blocks unwanted calls. You can also password-protect your list of contacts and call logs, manage your contacts, merge and duplicate finding, and a customized theme to hype up your app.

Eyecon Dialer

best dialer app for android

Looking for an app that visual-oriented? Then this may be the dialer app for you. It incorporates almost all social media platforms and has a design that is visual-based to make it easier for you to navigate. There is no longer a need to worry about spam because of its caller ID feature that keeps them away. And you can manage the global address book, too.

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