Today in this busy Era, it is not so simple for parents to take care of a newborn baby, especially if they are working professionals. If you are among people who are planning for a baby, then this article will be going to much helpful for you and your family. You may have already suffered in the past with a hard time while pampering your child after birth.

However, this post will give you enough knowledge about using the best newborn tracking app to handle every activity of your next baby in the future. After all, it is not only about managing everything to keep your baby happy but healthy as well.

You can also share this information within your circle or known among ones. Do keep reading this article to get an idea about how new-age parents are dealing with the routine work of their child smartly.

Use the Best Breastfeeding Tracker App

So, this post is all about listing the best baby tracking Apps of 2019, especially considering breastfeeding in mind. There are many Apps in both Android and iOS stores to try out, but we all know time is precious!

A newborn tracking App can track, record, and notify you with all the activities necessary to keep proper hygiene and growth of your child. It includes changing diapers to allow your baby to sleep at the right time, to feed the right food as required and many more.

Thus, without wasting any time let us have a look at some of the best baby tracking smartphones apps those are in trend! The following list includes briefings only for some selected baby tracker apps.

They are available to download both on Android and iOS platforms to make this article highly useful for masses. Also, you can check this article to get an idea about some more Apps that are exclusive on a particular store but are effective among Breastfeeding moms.

7 Best Breastfeeding Tracker Apps

Baby Daybook

A good option for parents who don’t want to spend any penny for tracking their child’s daily activity using a mobile App. Yes, it is Free!! With the help of Baby Daybook, a user can track and log the activities of more than one child at a time.

It features a chart for the parents to quickly analyze and understand the daily, weekly, and monthly routines of their baby. You can identify the wellbeing of your child. Measure parameters like height, weight, and further compare them against the average values of WHO. The App can help you to synchronize your baby’s activity log with other people.

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Baby Nursing

A useful breastfeeding App for tracking and logging every nursing progress of a baby. Parents can export the data and use it to consult with the doctor on time. You can also capture videos, sounds, and photos of your child on Baby Nursing as one among the best breastfeeding tracker apps.

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Baby Care

Another handy and smart assistant for a busy Mom to track the right time to breastfeed their babies on time. A best newborn tracking app can make it easy for the parents to track regular feedings for the daily routine of their child as well. It comprises of solid foods, bottle feeding, and milk pumping.

Baby Care can also take care of the weight, height, and sleep of a child. You can set a reminder about any future activity on this baby tracking smartphone Application as well. There is an option to check the number of diapers that were changed previously.

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Baby Manager App

As the name is implying Baby Manager takes complete care while tracking the necessary activities of a newborn child. It is simple to use breastfeeding tracker App that parents must have in their smartphones. You can follow it for daily sleeping routine and the right time to change the diaper of your baby.

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Feed Baby

A user can get reminders on time in the form of fully personalized alarms for breastfeeding and other essential needs. Feed Baby as the best baby tracker app works well to record and analyze all the development of a newborn baby.

By using this App, you can take care of your child’s baths, solid feeding, medicines, pumping, nappy, bottle, breastfeeding, and a lot more. You can connect and sync one account on different devices, which is highly beneficial for both Mom and Dad of a Baby.

It also acts as the best baby feeding app for parents to take care of their Twins. In case of any emergency, a user can take a print of feed history and get it checked with a doctor.

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Baby Tracker

Most recommended baby tracker app to check the breastfeeding, diaper, and sleeping activities of a newborn. You can access the calendar and make personalized notes for a particular day. Get the statistics for all types of feeding for your child as well on Baby Tracker.

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Baby Connect

An App that will help you to always take care of the activities of your baby via smartphone. Baby Connect can record and make a log of any last activity like pumping, feeding, or breastfeeding.

It comes with many helpful features for a user like weekly averages, password, reports, night mode, graphs, reminder alarm, and more. For more options, check out some more Breast feeding Apps.

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There are still many confused or frustrated parents who find it difficult to remember and manage the daily activities of their baby. Do you relate to them and not using any smartphone App like above to take care of your child?

If yes, then this is the right moment for you to install an App on your mobile that suits you the best and can change your life. Hence, by using the right baby tracking app, you can save much time and effort for your other important work. By the way, here are some additional tips for new moms to take care of their babies.

So the next time after leaving your home for Office you will feel relaxed than ever while caring about your child on the best baby feeding app. No more time waste or leaves either for you or your spouse. Hence you can perform better at the workstation. As a result, get ready for a reward from your Boss in Future!

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