Be Prepared to Experience Gaming on Atari’s Upcoming Mini-console 7

Studies have revealed that Games are necessary for Humans to balance their daily emotions, feel stress-free and to enhance their brain analytical skills. We can divide games into 2 categories namely Outdoor games and Indoor games. We are already familiar with the list of games under both of the categories, and each of them is having its own pros and cons, but ultimately they provide a different approach to gaming experience!


Be Prepared to Experience Gaming on Atari’s Upcoming Mini-console 8

If you are a Gaming Enthusiast, then you might hear of or used the Atari’s classic home video mini-gaming console before. Many people recognized it as Ataribox or Atari 2600 Video Computer System. The Best part of Atari’s video gaming mini-consoles was that people of any age could enjoy the gaming at home. The Gaming title was super easy to play with not so much graphics that can help the console to respond faster even without a need for powerful hardware setup.

Atari 2600:

It was launched back in 1977 by Atari, Inc. This console was completely based on microprocessor-based hardware and the games run via ROM cartridges. These type of consoles were a revolution in the home video gaming industry since before that people can enjoy only pre-loaded games in the consoles itself. However, Atari 2600 has used the format of Fairchid Channel F video gaming console to provide user flexibility to enjoy unlimited games loaded with codes on different cartridges. Atari 2600 console was bundled with 2 conjoined paddle controllers, 2 joystick controllers and a game cartridge having either Combat or Pac-Man game in it.

Atari Box/Atari VCS:

Now soon an updated version of Atari’s gaming console (originally called as Ataribox) will be available in the Market as Atariboc VCS (Video Computer system). Its design will be similar to that of its retro Atari 2600 console, but the functionalities and user experience will be enough to compete against the SNES and Nintendo’s NES classic consoles. It has been confirmed that the new console will be based on a Linux-based Operating system and backed by a custom AMD processor. Its hardware configuration will make it suitable to not only play the classic Atari titles but also today’s less intensive variety of PC games.

What to Expect?

Be Prepared to Experience Gaming on Atari’s Upcoming Mini-console 9Atai has already been revealed this system in June 2017, but the Sale is yet on halt. The system can be said to work like a hybrid of a gaming PC and a home video gaming console. A user can install utility apps as well on the new console that can add to its features. You will play music using a music player, stream videos, and browse the internet using related apps. The console will be having many Atari’s classic games pre-loaded and titles from other Catalogs.

How Long Wait?

So to experience the Classic gaming experience on a latest configured console, you do not need to wait for more. As per company source, the preorder of this home video gaming console will start by the coming April or later this year itself, and soon they’ll ship the item to your doorstep. Most interesting part is the device will be available at an impressive price of around $250-$300.

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