Asus has recently introduced its new 3 hubs wireless system based on dual-band to deliver the best experience of Wi-Fi connectivity at home. The company is claiming that the new product is capable of providing a secure, fast and easy wireless home network.

Ranging from single to multistory homes. The system works in a way by transmitting the wireless signal both vertically and horizontally simultaneously. All because of the unique pyramid design of the antenna and a high bandwidth 3×3 MIMO technology.

Why Asus’s New Wi-Fi System can be of your Help?

ASUS Lyra Trio Mesh Wireless System: Your New Home Wi-Fi Solution 5ASUS delivers solutions to many traditional problems while using a conventional Wi-Fi system in homes. Most of the Wi-Fi systems can serve only a limited number of gadgets at a time. There is a specific limitation on the range of accessing a Wi-Fi signal as well. If you put the particular burden on the wireless system, then it is common that you need to compromise with the speed of accessing the internet.

A Wi-Fi network depends upon the antenna and its signal strength. Traditional antennas are like you may get a strong Wi-Fi signal at certain direction or area, while on the other space you need to face the network connectivity issue.

Security is also a big concern while using traditional Wi-Fi connections. Some of the Wi-Fi connections are so vulnerable to threats that anyone can hack others systems. It might be a reason why most of the people today are not trusting on a new Wi-Fi network in comparison to a wired connection.

What’s Special in Lyra Trio Wireless Mesh System?

ASUS Lyra Trio Mesh Wireless System: Your New Home Wi-Fi Solution 6Asus Lyra Trio is a well-designed wireless mesh system for homes up to 5400 sq. Feet. It delivers AC1750 Wi-Fi speeds everywhere in a home. It ultimately takes care of the devices that are connected with this system.

Due to its 3×3 antenna setup, it can handle more traffic as compared to a 2×2 mesh Wi-Fi system. It doesn’t matter where you are in your home and whatever number of devices you are using at the same time to connect with the system. Asus’s new wireless system will not let you down!

It needs a single click for you to update its firmware. It ensures protection against online threats and also takes care of your privacy on the internet. You do not need to have anti-virus installed in all of your gadgets connected to this system at home.

Thanks to AiProtection powered by Trend Micro, which is a classic cloud-based security feature. Also using a gadget, anyone can configure the Lyra Trio system to control and manage the actual amount of time children spend online.

It is easy to setup and uses Wi-Fi system. One can download and install ASUS Lyra mobile app that helps users to setup and configure the whole Wi-Fi system stepwise. Its App is also helpful in case of any network problem or so. Since you’ll receive notifications and get all the troubleshooting information for the same.

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