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Best Android Apps for BusinessApps have become the way of life. With the booming digital revolution, smartphones have found their way into the hands of nearly every person in the world. People are connected to the internet for a large part of their everyday lives. The power and potential of a business that relies on digital media is coming to the fore, with all these advancements.

Businesses need important apps and nifty tricks to score an edge over their competitors. Just how online mobile recharge applications are important for personal use, business apps are important for businesses. Here are the best android apps for business that can give your business a boost.

Check out some of the Best Android Apps for Business:

  1. Todoist

TodoistAn app that is built for the pace of the modern times, Todoist is about creating simple to-do list that make people complete tasks and achieve desired targets in a day.You can keep track of the most important works with this app. Things like paying the house rent, paying bills and completing everyday targets become easy with this application.

It is available for free on the Android platform. Download it from Google Play and enjoy completing set targets every day. Just like Paytm offers discounts and deals on recharges, there are discounts offered on the Premium upgradation of this application.

  1. Slack

7 Best Android Apps for Business 20Have all your team communication in one place with the help of Slack app. This application offers real-time messaging, group conversations and file sharing. There are integration’s with top applications like Google Drive, Asana, Dropbox and Twitter.

You can instantly sync many devices and get the job done in a jiffy. There are updates that happen which give more advanced functionalities. Make use of it to grow your business.

  1. Microsoft Office and OneDrive

7 Best Android Apps for Business 21A cloud storage solution for Android users, Microsoft OneDrive is much like Google Drive and a wonderful replacement for it. The Microsoft Office for smartphones are more powerful office applications than any other Android applications.

Businesses that make use of Microsoft’s ecosystem can be further benefited by using Microsoft Office for mobile. OneDrive makes things easier with the seamless cloud storage that businesses can take advantage of.

  1. Skype

7 Best Android Apps for Business 22A Skype account is very useful for a business to interact and keep its employees in the loop. The power of instant messenger and Skype-to-Skype video calls has made this application one of the most sought-after by businesses.

Group conversations can be had and people can interact with a select set of people to deliver the best work. Every organization and business that strives to grow at a good pace must make use of Skype for their internal conversation and productive collaboration. It is the by far the best android apps for business which is free to download from app store and helps us to stay connected with professionals and clients.

  1. Evernote

7 Best Android Apps for Business 23A powerful application for taking notes, Evernote is a good place to create notes, share it and get the job done at a moment’s notice. You can share the notes that you have created and work together on projects with people.

The application can also be downloaded on a computer to work jointly on a smart device. It is one of the best note taking applications and has plenty of functionalities.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

7 Best Android Apps for Business 24The Chrome Remote Desktop is a very useful application for people who want to control their computer from afar. A home computer which has Google Chrome installed with the Chrome Remote Desktop extension can be controlled using a mobile device.

Though intensive tasks cannot be done by the remote access, some easy tasks that involve opening simple files and moving things around can be done.

  1. Basecamp

7 Best Android Apps for Business 25Project management app, Basecamp is about allocating and managing projects to get the job done on time. Team members can log into the app and you can check the status of the job done by each member of a team.

The interesting application helps one get the work done on time and to the utmost satisfaction of the employer.


So these are some of the must have and best android apps for business, Do let me know if we missed some valuable apps from the above list. We’d love to hear your suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment below. Keep following Gadget Meets Guy for more tips, news, and rumors about the latest technologies on the market today!

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