Cool Tech Upgrades For Your Hospitality BusinessTechnology expands our capacity to act and serve. The fruits of modernity drastically reduce the amount of effort we spend at home, in transit, and at work. This same rule holds for the hospitality industry, as hoteliers have a wide range of advancements to choose from in optimizing the comfort and efficiency of their customer experience.

Give your hospitality business a boost with these tech-infused tips:

1. Get Smart with Your Technology

Smart technology is a revolution concerned primarily with increasing connectivity among devices and making the user experience as intuitive and convenient as possible. This means an increase in the number of appliances and devices which you can operate and monitor from your smartphone, all at reduced costs.

For the strategic hotelier, there’s a big opportunity to make vital processes less wasteful. Take laundry, for instance: a number of manufacturers like provide equipment that saves a number of pre-set configurations, reducing the risk of your laundry staff keying in the wrong sequences when cleaning the daily load of linens. Small conveniences like these go a long way in limiting the impact that human error has on our wastefulness –you save on the cost of laundry, and make your business friendlier for the environment as well.

Continental Girbau and the laundry equipment industry aren’t alone in the game. Most appliances from refrigerators to even your light bulbs come with added functionality and compatibility with your other devices. Train your employees to make the most out of them, and invite your guests to admire your cutting edge setups as well.


2. An App for All Seasons

The kinds of software you can port onto your smartphones and office computers nowadays are staggering. For example, your business stands to gain an advantage from popular productivity apps, which can synchronize your employees from all across your organization and ensure that every step of your business process is accomplished to perfection.

Give your guests a direct line to your front desk by signing up for online chat platforms. This is useful in monitoring feedback, consumer demands, and making communication much more convenient for international travelers who choose to stay in at your establishment.


3. Mind Your Business (From Anywhere in the World)

A professional CCTV rig is a must-have to bring you and your guests peace of mind. But watching your business and minding it are two entirely different things, with the latter involving a constant sense of your key metrics.

The tech of interconnectivity and communication allows a hotelier to keep an eye on numbers that matter in the long run, and in terms of how a given day might be going. The smart technology we’ve mentioned before will more than likely give you interesting usage statistics, and nowadays it’s possible to even monitor your water bill in real time.

Information is the real currency of today’s economy, and the smart hotelier knows to invest in technology that gives them the clearest picture of what’s happening in and around their business. Whether you have the strategic know-how, or consult a professional for advice, these metrics can make or break your bottomline.


At the end of the day, remember that a gadget is only as useful as its user is smart about its use. Investing in technology is more than a purchase: it’s an active decision to wring it for all it’s worth.

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