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There are many reasons why Mortal Kombat is such a hit amongst game lovers. Its various characters, a variety of weapons, dangerous fight sequences, and plenty of blood make Mortal Kombat one of the most popular games in the world. But what other games are there that are like Mortal Kombat?

Thanks to the many game and programming enthusiasts, there are plenty of games out there that resemble Mortal Kombat. Some of them are more brutal than Mortal Kombat while others are relatively less violent.

The following is a list of fighting games that are like Mortal Kombat. Some of these games are free while others are not. Make sure that you check these games out once before you decide for yourself which of these games gives you the adrenaline rush like Mortal Kombat.

Top 10 Games like Mortal Kombat

1. Killer Instinct

Games Like Mortal KombatThe latest version of the Killer Instinct was released exclusively in Xbox One. However, it was later made available in Microsoft Store for Windows 10. There are plenty of attractions for fight game lovers in Killer Instinct which make it a top-notch fighting game. The gameplay is fluid. Like any top quality of fight game, it has plentiful fighters, all of which have their respective archetypes. The multiplayer mode on which it operates is almost lagless, making it an instant hot amongst fight game lovers. It has combo mechanics that are quite easy to use even for newbies. If you are a newbie, you needn’t worry as the tutorials offered by Killer Instinct ranks amongst the best in fight games. Killer Instinct is free on Xbox One. You also have the provision of buying different characters with real money in Killer Instinct. A game offering riveting experience to the players, Killer Instinct is ranks amongst the very best fighting games like Mortal Kombat.

2. Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit

Games Like Mortal KombatA lover of DragonBall Z who is fond of fighting games is bound to get hooked up with DragonBall Z Burst Limit. There are plenty of characters to choose from while playing DragonBall Z Burst Limit. The game also keeps you indulged with plenty of exciting modes. The mechanics of the game to go along with the delightful gameplay gives it a touch of being an excellent fighting game. In addition, the special moves in the game are easy to perform. Further, the control scheme of the game is friendly even for a newbie. All of these attractions make DragonBall Z Burst Limit an exciting fighting game to play and resembling Mortal Kombat.

3. Tekken 7

Games Like Mortal KombatThe latest installment of the Tekken series, Tekken 7 has taken the world of gaming by a storm. It has been dubbed as one of the best fighting games of the modern times. Alongside Microsoft Windows, the game can be played on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. As with the previous installments of the Tekken Series, the characters are plentiful as they stack up to more than 30. To add to the pleasure of playing earlier versions of Tekken, Tekken 7 has added elements like Rage and Power Crush to add new depth to the power of the characters. Also, the story mode of the characters has been remolded so that each of them has their unique story.

4. Dead or Alive 5

Games Like Mortal KombatDead or Alive 5 is often abbreviated as DoA 5. It is a game that gives you the feeling that is similar to playing Mortal Kombat or Tekken 7. Thanks to the wonderful graphics of the game, the action of the game could not get any more thrilling. Each hit to the opponent makes a thunderous impact. During your battle, you also have the option of using the whole arena to your aid. Further, you can also use the environment during the game to harm your opposition. All of these exciting features give a real touch to this game. DoA 5 is indeed not a game to miss out on.

5. Street Fighter V

Games Like Mortal KombatStreet Fighter series has been around for more than a quarter of a century in the fighting game business. The Street Fighter franchise which is also abbreviated as SF inspired a whole new generation of fight games including Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter 5 is the latest in the SF series. The latest version is packed with fantastic styles as well as visuals to go along with it. Unlike other games that are centered around bloody scenes, SF 5 focuses gameplay at the primary level. This gives you a chance to actually test how good your fighting skills in a game are. There is no way a real game enthusiast doesn’t check his/her ability set in Street Fighter 5.

6. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Games Like Mortal KombatAnother game with action-packed experience, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is the latest in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. This series has had a strong foothold in the gaming community ever since it was released. Its flashy action is a definite eye-catcher. The newest installment in this series sets up the Marvel universe to go on a head-on collision with the finest in Capcom’s. All of the most revered superheroes such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. battle the most excellent fighters in Capcom like Ryu, Dante, Megaman and more. The gameplay in Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite is fast-flowing. While playing, you can tag two fighters together and slay your opposite number. Although the storyline will not disappoint you, the battling other global players in the multimode setup will be your favorite highlight.

7. Injustice 2

Games Like Mortal KombatThe creators of Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat were the same people. Therefore, if you are a massive Mortal Kombat fan, there is every chance that you will also like then you will also have an inkling for Injustice 2. Though these two games had the same creative team, there are subtle differences between the two. The main resembling feature of the two games is the combo system and graphics. Global superheroes and villains like Superman, Batman, Flash, Darkseid, Catwoman, amongst others will take each other on and look to slay each other in Injustice 2. The 1 on 1 battle you will have, sometimes to defend the earth, will be nothing short of epic. You can also make the best use of special moves and combos to come out on top. An admirer of comic books who has a natural fondness of superheroes and villains is destined to love Injustice 2. A Mortal Kombat fan would not be able to resist giving a try to Injustice 2.

8. SoulCalibur V

Games Like Mortal KombatSoulCalibur V ranks amongst the best 3D fighting games you could wish to play. There is no way that you won’t like SoulCalibur V is you are into 3D fighting games like Tekken series, DoA, Virtua Fighter, etc. A massive array of characters to go along with a number of game modes makes it a viable option for all fight game lovers. Its attractive visuals, testified by many gamers to be aesthetic, make it a favorite amongst the 3D gaming community. You can also select various characters, all of which have their distinct playing style. The Guest characters also give a nice edge to the game. The game is equally swift for newbies as well as veterans. Newbies can catch the drift of the game with ease. Similarly, veterans will also be able to use the subtle mechanics of this game to good effect.

9. Naruto Shippuden

Games Like Mortal KombatNaruto Shippuden gives you more or less a feel of a brawling game in a 3D experience. Its unique mechanics and gameplay features make it quite distinct from other 3D fighting games. You can use a full sized arena to gain an edge over your opposition by running, jumping or dodging. You can also bring your enemy down by some special moves and attacks. The graphics in Naruto Shippuden are outstanding. A fan of the anime or manga character of Naruto will surely delight in this game as you can use it as one of your character, whose superpower you can use. Use these characters and experience their superpowers in all their glory.

10. Samurai Shodown vs. Special

Games Like Mortal KombatSamurai Shodown V Special is widely regarded as one of the most balanced fighting games to have ever been invented. There are plenty of similarities between Mortal Kombat and Samurai Shodown V Special. The devastating finishing moves, which include chopping your opposite number into pieces, cutting them in half, and even more brutal means of ending the lives of your enemy are quite similar in Mortal Kombat and Samurai Shodown. You can also choose to nullify your enemy with unique moves. The good old fashioned graphics gell perfectly with the wonderful gameplay to give Samurai Shodown Vs. Special a wonderful gaming vibe.

Final Words

Although I have tried my best to compile all the games that are like Mortal Kombat, this list does not contain all the games like Mortal Kombat. With new additions to the gaming industry, more and more new games like Mortal Kombat are being developed regularly. However, the games mentioned above are the list of the top 10 games that bear significant similarity to Mortal Kombat. For all the gaming enthusiasts, you should check these games out. They are nothing short of amazing.

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