Selfie Stick

Gifts are adorable and most of love to get gifts on various occasions and yes, even without occasions. Gifting and receiving gift is the way to socialize and connect with your loved ones, but what if you receive the gift that you don’t really know how to use! Selfie stick that has suddenly grabbed lot of attention universally have become the hot gifting idea world over. If you have also received selfie stick as a gift from your keen but don’t know how to make most out of it then here are the simple ways in which selfie stick would help a photographer in you explore more.

Clicking home interior snaps

The selfie sticks get its name from selfies but actually the use of this stick is much beyond that. You can use it for clicking selfie but more than that you can use it to click the wider images. The home interior images would give you the clear picture if taken from wider angle. Your phone would instantly turn into a professional camera when you will use it to click the image with Selfie Stick to get pictures of wider frame.

Selfie StickNo need to leave behind anybody

When you are out with your friends and family for outing, you will always come across the issue that who will take the picture. Someone needs to do the favor or you will miss out on one from the group. Selfie stick will cover the entire group in single frame. Direct selfies from camera would not accommodate all in one image but using selfie stick would help. If you are out for dinner, then taking images with selfie stick would let you take the picture of the entire group at the dinner table.

Be yourself

Think of the situation when you are out for a vacation all by yourself and need to capture your picture with the famous monument. You would get the fellow tourist to click the picture but you won’t be able to be yourself. Selfie stick can be used to take your picture along with tourist attraction in background. You don’t need to control your emotions and expressions by getting a click from the stranger. Selfie stick will work as your personal photographer. You can be yourself while clicking the photograph with your personal photographer.

Aerial Shot

Taking aerial shot was earlier possible only with the help of tools and gadgets that take your camera at certain altitude. Selfie stick will make it possible easily. You can click the picture from height by placing the camera on this stick and take an aerial shot at click of the button. Camera will get sufficient height with this stick. The image can be clicked with the button provided at other end of the selfie stick when the camera is adjusted to desired angle.

Selfie StickMake the most of your smartphone

You may have used your smartphone till date for various tasks like calling, video viewing, messaging, music listening, and so on but this will convert your small gadget into full-fledged camera and you will be able to make the most out of your smartphone.

Above uses are mentioned to help you use your selfie stick in the best possible manner but if you have not yet this wonderful piece of technology as gift, then go ahead and buy one. You will find great options online and also in retail outlets. There are many different options ready to be explored at affordable price. Just go ahead and give it a try. You can also consider it as the great gifting idea for your keen.

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