ThermalTech Solar-Powered Smart Jacket

As we all know due to increasing global heat and pollution, it becomes our first job to conserve as much energy as possible and if needed, we should rely on renewable sources of energy only. To support this, a new unique ThermalTech fabric jacket campaign has been listed over Indiegogo, its a solar powered smart jacket which keeps you warm without the need of any extra accessory.
ThermalTech Solar-Powered Smart JacketThe concept behind the fabric is pretty unique, it’s a new type of material which is prepared by the intersection of fashion, technology, and eco-friendliness that harvests the energy of the sun to keep you warm. Sounds great isn’t it, keep going then ;). It can easily replace your bulky winter coats or jackets which usually occupy a bigger space in our wardrobe and make you appear like a Humpty Dumpty, the smart jacket portrays a lightweight design that will revolutionize your wearing experience. Currently the company is offering 3 different jacket styles, each one is available in multiple size, colors for both men and women featuring the new material.ThermalTech Solar-Powered Smart JacketThe smart jacket features ThermalTech smart fabric technology that not only makes it lightweight, waterproof and breathable but it also captures the sun’s UV rays and transforms them into heat to warm you up to 18F in few moments. And at night, the jacket transforms your own body heat and transforms undetectable UV and infrared light into additional heat. So basically it does not only relies on solar energy and thus can be easily called as a perfect companion for winter season. Moreover the stainless steel mesh fabric threads which are used to create the jacket not only makes them stronger but also increase the life of the jacket, while its paper thin and interlaced design not only provides improved vapor, but also resists outside moisture to make you feel good inside.

The ThermalTech solar powered smart jacket is available to preorder over Indiegogo, and if you order right now you can get exciting discounts and perks with the purchase. The production line of all the 3 jackets will kickoff from February and you can easily expect them to arrive at your door in the mid July. So if you are looking to grab a new jacket try this out. Be sure to stick with us to get updated about new tech and geeky stuff releases.