YoungBoard Solar Electric SkateBoard

Who doesn’t loves skate boarding. To fulfill the needs marketers and geeks are bring new techs that will help you suffice your needs. Few weeks back, We heard about the Raspberry Pi Electric Skateboard which was a complete DIY skateboard but if building things don’t fancy you then you should read along.

If you have real craze for Skateboard then you might be interested in this Solar Electric Skateboard created by Center Young and Aptly named as YoungBoard. The YoungBoard works with solar energy and needs only 4 hours of sunlight to fully charge the onboard lithium polymer battery. With 4 hours of charge you can expect a smooth ride of 16 Km and it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

The solar electric skateboard includes a handy USB charging cable that can be used to connect with your smartphones or tablets whilst out and about. It also equips electronic brakes to give you a safe and effective ride.

YoungBoard has stepped its campaign over kickstarter crowdfunding website this week and is looking to raise €25,000 to kick off production lines. Below is a video that will help you grab more information about the amazing skateboard.

YoungBoard-The world’s first real solar electric skateboard

Center Young GmbH is raising funds for YoungBoard-The world’s first real solar electric skateboard on Kickstarter! YoungBoard – A new transport for sustainable development

Also here are a few of the words from the developers explaining about the electric skateboards inspiration and designs

There is a huge problem of social energy and transportation issues in the moment. Air pollution and traffic congestion have become a lingering problem in everyone’s daily life. The electric vehicles must be the future solutions. We are now providing a means of short-distance transport with entertainment – solar electric skateboard.

Youngboard – The world’s first real solar electric skateboard is now launched by Center Young GmbH. By integrating the solar panel on the surface of skateboard and using our patented technology to improve the impact resistance, we bring you a brand new environmental friendly skateboard. It combines energetic independence with free and young transportation as well as ecological awareness. It will greatly improve people’s short-distance transport efficiency, and give you perfect entertainment experience.

You can simply grab it and go wherever you want to go, for example, high street, school and bars. Or you can imagine your office in nature: just grab your skateboard, your laptop, your phone and be independent….

I am pretty sure you are excited to check this unique product, so jump right off to the YoungBoard’s Kickstarter page and start backing the project.

Source: Kickstarter