Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Review

In the market, the most popular Android mobile phone series is the Samsung Note series. Every Android phone lover is waiting eagerly for the release of the next Galaxy Note series, which is Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

Till the time this gadget piece has not released in the market, one cannot quote its specifications but can make a proper estimate and then can predict features of the same.

Also, there have been no announcements regarding the price and release date. But, our Tech Gurus can definitely make some predictions which might come to reality, as they have always been!

Specifications and Features

It is said that the Note 6 would be far ahead in technology than the current Note 5. For Samsung, Apple has proved a tough competition since the evolution of iPhones and it would be the same time as iphone 8 will hit the market or the iphone 7s you can say. This tough competition would result in even better technological innovations in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Review

The note 6 has been assumed to have a 4500 mAh battery. The screen is expected to be around 5.9 inches and the thickness to be around 7.5 mm.

A 4500 mAh battery would last for hours even after the usage of multiple apps. This will increase the battery power by 50% as compared to the battery power backup of the current series of Galaxy Note phones. The screen size would be huge to work upon. The users would love the screen as it would be wonderful to watch videos and even read e-books. The thickness of the phone is surprisingly less if one compares with all the features that it would comprise of. There would also be an inbuilt memory chip which would store your data and no external memory card slot. Though this feature is commonly found in several Chinese brand phones but it would be a new feature for Samsung to adopt in their Note series.

It is said that this time Samsung would offer larger amount of space in the phone. A space of nearly 64GB. The price of the phone would be quite less if you look at the features that it would be offering. Galaxy Note 6 would definitely be priced much less than the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 as a customer would be able to purchase only one gadget at a time.

You may consider the above statements as facts or rumours but it has been observed previously that Samsung lives up to the predictions that are made for their future phones as compared to other smartphone manufacturers. The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is expected in September or in the first half of October, 2016.