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From the desk of LG’s global marketing and executive vice president, Brian Na its been announced that they will be launching and showcasing a new range of home appliances. This premium range will be launched under a new brand of LG signature. We can expect the release at the upcoming CES 2016 Technology event that is going to take place January Next Year.

Here’s what Brian explains more in today’s press release:

By drawing on the best of LG’s incredible technology and design innovation, the LG SIGNATURE brand will open up new opportunities for high-end appliances and consumer electronics. LG’s leadership in both brown and white goods gives us a unique advantage that very few companies have. Who better to introduce such a brand than LG?

LG explains bit more about the new range of Appliances.

The LG SIGNATURE lineup was carefully selected and designed by a special team within the company with input from leading design experts. LG SIGNATURE will initially consist of a television, refrigerator, washing machines and air purifier, with more products to be added as the brand expands.

The visualization of “essence” was the inspiration behind the design philosophy of the LG SIGNATURE brand. To achieve the streamlined look of LG SIGNATURE, the products were stripped of all features that detracted from the brand’s spirit. The result is a family of products of the finest quality that delivers a sense of exclusivity to its owners.

Right now we don’t have more information about the new release. Be sure to stick at our website to get updated about the product. For more information about the product you can head to the LG’s official Newsroom.

Source: LG