The German company Locumi Labs, is now targeting international audience with a new smart key called monkey. Before it had already landed a big hit on its home market with its first product, a personal parcelbag.

monkey gives you all the benefits of a smart lock for your main entrance door or garden gate without actually having to change anything at your door. As soon as monkey detects your smartphone approaching your entrance it will automatically open the door or gate for you. It can be easily controlled via your smartphone and can be used as a companion application for any smart locks which you have already installed at your apartment door such as August, Danalock, Goji, Glue, Friday, Kevo, Lockitron, Nuki and Sesame. This means that you can also go completely keyless after setting up the new monkey device. Overall this is a must have device. It is completely DIY friendly as it can be installed into your intercom phone in your home in less than 3 minutes without the need for an electrician or the consent of your landlord.
Monkey Hands Free
Another main feature of the new monkey device is to send push notifications to the users when anyone knocks at your front door and you can easily provide access to them via the monkey app even though you are not near your home.

With monkey you can allow access for delivery men and guests even if you are not at your premises. You can just set up a specified time interval when you are expecting them to arrive and your door will open automatically when they are ringing.
Monkey Chip
Right now the monkey project is currently listed at the crowd funding website Kickstarter where they have gained a lot of interest already. They have already surpassed their initial funding goal of €50,000 by almost 140% and still have 39 days at hand to reach their stretch goals until December 6th. If the hardware, software and mobile app development schedule go according to plan we can expect shipments to be delivered from June, 2016.

You can even check the video below to get more information about the product.

Be sure to back the campaign and help the concept jump into production. I will be updating you more with the latest release and development. Stay tuned.

Source Kickstarter