Moment Karaoke

If you are an extreme music lover, then this is perfect news for you. Here we present Moment, The world’s first karaoke soundbar with an endless song library. Moment is elegant and compact and at just 16″, it fits into any space. And most all, with its DTS TruSurround™ innovation, Moment is a karaoke machine that can supplant all different soundbars in your home.

It is good for watching films and playing games with DTS TruSurround™ innovation. The sound quality is so good that I bet you won’t be able to get it in some other device. Moment offers virtual 5.1 utilizing DTS TruSurround. However, Moment soundbar not only functions as an actual karaoke machine as well as gives the audience a phenomenal sound quality while measuring just 16″. Moment with its minimalist 16” long wins in sound quality over many 40” long soundbars presently in the market.

Moreover, Moment soundbar at 16″ long can also be used as a speaker for your computer and is can easily be connected with Television set too. So you can place it in your living room or bedroom for watching TV or at your computer desk. Moment will fit flawlessly in a tight space and unlike portable soundbar, it does so without having to compromise on the sound quality.

Moment Soundbar Karaoke
Moment’s technology concentrates on vocal sounds to enhance the karaoke experience as well as offers the advantage of crystallizing voices and audio, boosting your film watching delight. This is an area where most soundbars fail.

It can work with any devices. The built-in AUX port as well as Optical Audio port accepts connection with your analog or digital devices. The best feature of Moment is that it comes with a wireless subwoofer and microphone that automatically pairs up once in range. No setup required and no messiness of cables.
Moment app on your iOS or Android gadget, a full spectrum equalizer lets you adjust finer things such as treble and bass, volume and even echo levels for the microphones.

It’s simple, fun, plug and play karaoke the way it’s intended to be and It gives a variety of options to enjoy.

Moment is scheduled to launch via Indiegogo on Sept 22, As per the information from the company the production work is in full force and you can expect the product getting shipped at your place in November. So if you are eagerly waiting for this amazing soundbar keep your copies reserved as soon as possible.