Are you a music fan or hardcore gamer then you can easily understand the importance of your Headphones. Most of us use the headphones on daily basis with computer, smartphone, tablet or any other portable device. Here’s a best thing that can be useful for you, Mack simple, handy and elegant world’s smallest and best quality magnetic connector.
Mack - Simple, Handy, Elegant
The Mack has been designed to fit your 3.5 mm headphone connections with ease and can be easily paired with your iOS and Android devices. Once installed you can easily connect or disconnect Jack easily. Unlike other Bluetooth devices which usually cost much more higher and have evident drawbacks Mack covers them all company has complete confidence over the product that you won’t face any quality degradation since the signal transmission has been tuned a lot.
Talking about the designs and other factors, since it will be set into your devices many of us usually prefer things that look funky and attractive. No big deal Mack comes with 6 different colors with an engraved logo and as a complimentary you can also expect key holder to keep it close to you always. It hardly weighs about 21g, material used for creation is brushed aluminum so no need to fear about the color fading and other aspects. Moreover company covers a lifetime warranty over the product, they are pretty much confident that you won’t face any hassle as quality materials are been used for development.

Mack - Simple, Handy, Elegant

Right now the Mack is listed over the crowd funding website Indiegogo be sure to fund the campaign and bring the concept to reality. Check about it more over here.

Source: Indiegogo