If you are a music lover then this is good news for you. Recently Lucid Laboratories has dropped a Catalyst phono preamplifier that is listed over kickstarter to be backed up before kicking into production.

About Catalyst Phono Preamplifier

Lucid Labs Catalyst Phono preamplifier is designed keeping the younger generation in mind mostly college students and young professionals. The main motto behind the creation was to provide this generation with a vinyl that is affordable in price but does not scarifies on the sound quality. The design utilizes multiple gain stages and a passive RIAA filter with rumble filter to eliminate the distortion caused by warped vinyl. Currently the preamplifier is available in 40dB – Low gain version, 45db – Standard version, 55dB – High gain version as per your choice.
Phono preamplifier
What really makes the difference is that the product was made from scratch in USA, every single unit is tested and hand make at the same place. Unlike other phono preamplifiers in the same price range, the former does not seems compromising over the sound quality and the parts used. Many other products in the similar price use simple, single gain-stage topologies with active filter which results in higher distortion and unwanted noises.

As per the Kickstarter listing, the company even offers a complete DIY kit and the instructions guide how to build your own phono amplifier from base. So it’s an overall good deal if you have interest in doing it yourself.
Phono preamplifier
Head out to the kickstarter page to get more information and show your support for it.