Recently, Apple released a list of all the vehicles that are currently loaded with Apple CarPlay Support. The vehicles listed are pre-loaded with CarPlay Support and it includes more than 100 cars on the market.

The list varies from the 2017 Audi Q7 and A4, to the wide range of 2016 Chevrolet’s and Cadillac’s, plus several car models from Citroen, Ford, Ferrari, GMC, Honda, Mitsubishi, Porsche and many more.

Apple’s CarPlay System Basically allows you to do everything that you usually do in your iPhones like you can easily answer calls, make calls, read text messages, play music and much more. It also supports multiple third party apps that are listed by Apple like iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, Pandora and many more.

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay lets you use your iPhone in your compatible car more safely and smartly as you can easily connect with Siri and other tethered phone’s features. Wireless CarPlay has been introduced in iOS 9, but currently you can’t find supporting hardware on the market that supports the technology.

You can find full details about the relevant cars that will come with Apple CarPlay built in. Check more details on the Apple’s website below.

Source: Apple, AppAdvice