Kickstarter Android App

Kickstarter, a leading crowd funding platform for creative projects have finally landed over Android. The Android app launched over the google play store this week, while the iOS version was released 3 years back. As per the company, the app launch aims to capitalize over europe where majority of users are android users while the situation is different in US.

The Android version of Kickstarter app will let you browse and back projects just like you do over the web version. It also features a number of functions like spotlight campaigns and activity feed with which you can view the campaigns that you and your friends have backed. But the app still misses the feature to please project creators as they won’t be able to create or manage projects right now, though Kickstarter has promised that they will be adding the functionality soon.

Kickstarter Android App

Explore thousands of creative projects all on the Kickstarter app!

Kickstarter is home to a community of people working to bring creative projects to life. Together, they’ve pledged over $2 billion to support everything from art, to games, innovative technologies, Oscar-winning documentaries, and much, much more.

You can easily download the new Android version of Kickstarter’s mobile app for free from Google Play Store.