We all wears jeans at times and on the off chance that you are the sort who likes to convey your smartphone in the back pocket of your jeans, that isn’t generally the most secure spot. Simply ask iPhone 6 Plus proprietors who twisted their smartphones taking a seat. An organization called Joe’s Jeans has new jeans gone for men and ladies that have an extraordinary pocket on the back only for your smartphone.

The pocket is estimated to fit iPhone, yet ought to fit pretty much some other gadget of comparable measurements. The telephone pocket is a touch above and to one side of the back pocket putting the smartphone closer to you’re hip. Over that smartphone pocket where the tag on a few jeans would be is a pocket intended to hold a rechargeable battery.

The battery looks really unusual inside the pocket to me, yet it will charge iPhone 6 models to 85% and more established iPhone models to 100%. The jeans are accessible in a few styles and the battery is removable so you can wash the jeans without shorting it out. It appears like the area would make it difficult to connect the battery to your smartphone since it would need to be done one gave.


via Joe’s Jeans